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The Giant Hunter Walker (also known as the Hunter Lord) is a giant version of the Hunter Walker. It can spit out flying bombs across the screen, these giant creatures have thick skin, making them immune to any weapon, its eye is the only weak point. The black version is totally indestructible but doesn't attack as it only slowly chases you, making it more of an obstacle than an enemy. They are rare and only one gray one and two normal ones are seen in the Invader Hive.

Other Appearances

Metal Slug Attack

The Giant Hunter Walker appears as a playable unit in the Extra Ops "Strange Town" using its standard attack of launching explosive seeds which are highly effective against large units. When it reaches 0 health, it runs to the nearest attackable enemy before collapsing, and its corpse serves as an extremely durable wall.

An evolved version of the Giant Hunter Walker also appears in the Extra Ops "Mad Assault Crew" known as the Giant Hunter Walker Type-B, sharing the same attacks but has evolved to cause poison. When killed, it simply collapses on the spot and serves as a spawn point for black Hunter Walkers until destroyed.

One of ET A Omnis' attacks involves it transforming into a more biological version of the Giant Hunter Walker.


Hunter-Lord-Walking.gif Giant Hunter Walker: The original variant.
Gray Giant Hunter Walker: An indestructible version that only walks straight forward until its reaches a cliff.
Giant Hunter Walker Type-B: An evolved version by Invader remnants on Earth. As it's now capable of poisoning enemies its carapace has changed to a more noxious-themed color. Appears in Metal Slug Attack.
Golden Giant Hunter Walker: A Giant Hunter Walker that has turned golden upon being struck by electricity. They seem unassuming, but are capable of advancing forward with terrifying speed. Alongside the standard attack used by its other variants, it also shoots out small bolts of electricity that is capable of stunning enemies. Appears in Metal Slug Attack.


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