Grazia is a unit introduced in Metal Slug Attack. She debuts in the "Advance of Fire" Extra Ops.

Character Summary

Grazia is a commander of the Blaze Brigade, wielders of flame-based weapons. She is able to control her fire thanks to the development of flammable induction particles. Grazia's fire skills has earned her the name Flame Dragon by her enemies.

The opposite to Beatriz, who uses ice-based weapons, the duo established themselves as bitter rivals, to the point of denying each other of being teammates. However, several have questioned this as shown with Destrade who notes that the two are acting like teammates and Abigail who sees them as good friends. Abigail helped support the brigade by providing them with funds and weaponry.

Norah was also transferred to the Blaze Brigade to celebrate its inception. Loretta is her second-in-command.

Extra Ops

She is tasked alongside Destrade and Beatriz to claim new energy that Cleopatra had stolen from the Union in her "pleasure" tour. Cleopatra battles them as they are creating noise in the ruins, and after a long battle, both sides are exhausted but Destrade has taken the energy back. Cleopatra allows them to leave as long as they don't create a ruckus and argues with Beatriz over who did the most work.

Later on she tests a new Big Shiee with Loretta and attempts to use it on Dragunov who was trying to find suspicious links to Mira but Dragunov easily destroys it. She is impressed with Dragunov's combat capabilities and flees when Loretta suggests to.

When the Great Mother invades Earth, Grazia notes the Try Line shop is open and not wanting to miss an opportunity to make the Blaze Brigade more known, heads into battle with Loretta and Norah. Norah runs off to battle the enemy and after Loretta remarks that she has a somewhat weak personality but Grazia states that she hasn't seen her in battle yet.

During a battle against the Ptolemaic Army, Grazia is visited by the ACE member Romy who is displeased with her lack of progress despite the numerous advantages she possesses. Grazia attempts to shift the blame to a new Ptolemaic Gigant, but Romy is unconvinced and heads off to destroy it within five minutes. True to her word, she destroys it in the time she gave herself, which causes Grazia to become so shocked that she cannot fathom others better than her. Loretta and Norah then take their commander back to her room so they can praise and make her feel better.

Upon hearing her soldiers are under attack by Bloom Metzelei, she goes off to confront the Invader with her subordinates. Upon witnessing one of her soldiers eaten alive, Grazia becomes enraged and prepares to fight, even though she has a disadvantage. Before the battle even starts, Fedeln Metzelei arrives and causes a scene prompting Bloom to leave. Grazia orders Loretta to prepare her a rocket so she can chase Bloom, but is refused (as it is an impossible task) and dragged back to base.

Another Story

She makes a minor appearance in "Subjugation Tactics", where she is on a helicopter with Beatriz, Loretta and Norah. The three Blaze Brigade members intend to build a base to make herself well known.



  • Grazia normally looks away with her arms crossed in her victory animation. Winning with any version of Beatriz in her deck makes Grazia do a noblewoman's laugh instead.
  • Her appearances resembles a female version of M.Bison.
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