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The Grenades are the main secondary weapons in the Metal Slug series.


This is a grenade called the "Stielhandgranate." The main advantage these stick grenades have over the regular "pineapple" or egg grenade is that they can be thrown much farther with predictable accuracy. The downside is that it does not contain any fragmentation duded onto its casing, which means that it does less damage against infantry than the fragmentation grenades or "pineapples." Nevertheless, these contraptions, filled with 165-grams of explosive TNT, prove very versatile against any opposition.

They are limited, with a player starting out each life with 10 grenades, so use it wisely. When riding Slugs, the secondary weapon changes into the weapon specific to that Slug (e.g. a cannon for SV-001, or torpedo for the Slug Mariner). Some Slugs still use the grenade as their secondary weapon as is or by crouching in a Slug.

The grenade is also among the first ordnance used by the Rebels to attack. The Rebels' version is shaped similar to the WWII Mills bomb, albeit with a flashier appearance. It doesn't pack much punch as the blast effect is somewhat negated.

In Other Games

Metal Slug: 2nd Mission

The player characters are able to slide grenades by crouching down and tapping the Option Button. Gimlet and Tequila exclusively weild the Grenade Gun that has its own ammunition and can aim upwards.

Metal Slug 6 and Metal Slug 7/XX

With the introduction of character abilities, some of them have different attributes with grenades.

  • Eri starts each life with 20 grenades and receives double ammo when picking up secondary projectiles. Eri also can aim her throws at multiple directions at different distances.
  • Leona starts each life with 12 grenades and receives 1.2x ammo when picking up secondary projectiles. Leona's grenades are replaced with her Earring Bombs.
  • Ralf only receives half of grenade ammo, although, he still starts each life with 10 grenades.

Crossover appearances

Neo-Geo Battle Coliseum

Marco throws a grenade that bounces and explodes on contact. The button used will determine the distance the grenade will go.

The King of Fighters: Maximum Impact 2

Fio can throw a grenade as an attack. She also has a rushing move that, if it connects, causes her to swiftly move behind her opponent, leaving three grenades at their feet which then explode.

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Picking up Grenades

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Picking up Bomb Crates

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