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Grenadiers are enemies in the Metal Slug series. They are a type of soldier fielded by the Rebel Army and the Amadeus Syndicate who carry backpacks filled with with grenades which they continuously lob at enemy troops. The grenades travel slowly and flash red and blue to help the player spot and dodge them. They are the second most numerous troops fielded by the Rebel Army, second only to the fanatics. Grenadiers always attack in numbers.

Grenadier Types

Rebel Grenadiers: The grenadiers serving under the Rebel Army. They continuously lob grenades at the player and always attack in numbers. Though they are little more than a nuisance in small groups, in large groups, they can be dangerous to the player.

In Metal Slug 7/XX, some Grenadiers toss rugged explosives that bounce along the ground before exploding. Due to its bouncy nature, these grenades can also be reflected back by the player's bullets.

Elite Grenadier.gif

Amadeus Grenadiers: The grenadiers serving under the Amadeus Syndicate. They use the same attacks as the Rebel Grenadier.

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