The Hammer-Yang is a frigate used by the Rebel Infantry and the Pirates in the Metal Slug series.


The Hammer-Yangs were tourist boats, but the Rebels captured them for their own use. Originally used to ferry civilians, they now ferry troops. They don't have any weapons, but they can carry a lot of passengers inside. There is a saying in the Regular Army, “Whenever you see a Hammer-Yang, always assume that there are at least 30 enemies inside.”

When critically damaged, the ship will tilt almost completely vertically and a Rebel will humorously try to remove the water out of the crippled vessel using a pump. When destroyed, troops will bail out of the ship and swim away, but can be killed by the player if they wish. If left alone, they'll drown soon after.

The Hammer-Yang was also used by the pirates when they captured a merchant cargo ship in Metal Slug 4.


  • The Ship Itself can resemble a 1900s Tramp Steamer. Since that the Hammer-Yang looks like one, severely thou. Some of the tramp steamers were scrapped due to aging, and some of them were later restored by man.
  • It bears a resemblance to a smaller version or of the RMS Carpathia, the ship that saved half of Titanic's Survivors.
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