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Hathol is a new character introduced in Metal Slug Attack.

Character Summary

Like Hemet, Hathol also hails from the time of the ancient Pharaohs, and as such is one of the Pharaoh's loyal followers.

As a human, she showed immense curiosity about everything and was willing to explore the possibilities that awaited her. She sacrificed her heart to the Pharaoh and Cleopatra for eternal life, and was put into a deep slumber as a result of her "death".

As a royal Mummy Cat, Hathol's hair has changed to one similar to that of a fish's dorsal fin. Since her heart was sacrificed in return for eternal life, Hathol is unable to convey emotions. This hasn't stopped her from finding out why she is unable to do so, however. The strips of cloth on Hathol are imbued with cursed energy, which she uses with her staff to launch as projectiles.


Extra Ops

First appearing in the Extra Ops "Pain of My Heart", Hathol is seen conversing with Hemet about the ritual of eternal life. Hathol is eager to perform the ritual. Hemet asks her if she is sure, and Hathol insists, curious to see what would happen to her. Prior to starting the ritual, she also pets a dog that accompanied her, and is subjected to a deep slumber.

After thousands of years in slumber, Hathol awakens to find herself changed into a royal Mummy Cat, aware that the ritual was a success. However, she notes that she is unable to convey emotions in response to the success of the ritual. While wandering, she encounters a Rebel Army group led by Beatriz and Vicky, who are transporting a Frozen Naglfar across the desert. Hathol attacks the intruders and drives them off, though she does not have any feelings about her victory. The dog, who was also subjected to the ritual, is happy to see Hathol again, but Hathol cannot express her feelings. She soon sets out to find the Pharaoh, Cleopatra and Hemet to find out why she feels empty, with her dog companion in tow.

Hathol soon finds Hemet and presumably learns from her that the Pharaoh and Cleopatra are in a deep slumber. The two then awaken Sharifa; Hathol immediately notes her optimism despite having undergone the same ritual as her. Hathol's dog companion provides intelligence on their target, and after the operation, she is exhausted. Her companion temporarily takes her place while talking with Hemet, where she wants to know how Sharifa retained her optimism.

When Hemet senses that Ramal has awakened, Hathol comments on how she was made a priestess in a hurry, and also reminiscences about she gave up some of her servants during the ceremony. She later comments on how useless the Fabulous Mummies are, and accompanies Hemet to Ramal's pyramid.



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