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The Hazmat Soldiers are minor enemies in the Mission 4 of Metal Slug 4.


The Hazmat Soldiers are elite soldiers from the Amadeus Syndicate. They look like the basic Rebel Soldier from the Rebel Infantry but with a hazmat suit on, which protects them from the zombies and mummies' infection. They have the standards attacks of the Grenade Soldier, but can also throw explosive toxic balls who transform the player into a zombie or a mummy depending the soldier's suit color.

Types of Soldiers

Hazmat 2.gifHazmat 3.gif Orange Hazmat Soldier: These soldiers only appear in the Zombie Attraction. They throw explosive balls containing the Zombies' virus, which can transform the player into a zombie upon contact.
Hazmat 4.gif Green Hazmat Soldier: These soldiers only appear in the Egyptian Attraction. They are very similar to the Orange Hazmat Soldier, but they throw explosive balls containing the Mummies' purple gas instead, which spawn Mummies upon explosion or transform the player into a mummy upon contact.
Gold Hazmat Soldier: Exclusive to Metal Slug Attack. These soldiers are similar to the Green Hazmat Soldiers, except they throw seedlings of Golden Arche Man Eaters.


  • The Hazmat Soldiers, alongside the Marine Diver, are one of the few soldier types that can take more than one shot on their bodies before falling.
  • When incinerated with a Flame Shot, the Hazmat Soldier's corpse will turn into that of a regular Rebel soldier.
  • The Orange Hazmat Soldiers are a little bit quicker than the Green Hazmat Soldier.
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