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Hemet (abbreviated as HMT) is a new character introduced in Metal Slug Attack.

Character Summary

Hailing from the time of Pharaohs, she is one of the Pharaoh's most loyal followers; during her time as a human, she offered her own heart as a sacrifice to the Pharaoh and Cleopatra for eternal life. As a result of offering her own heart, Hemet became a royal Mummy Cat and the symbols on her skin grant immense power. She carries a staff which can summon chariots to attack and spirits to defend herself and allies. She takes her roles seriously, rarely showing casual emotions.

As a high-ranking follower, Hemet is also able to detect the presence of others who were subjected to the ritual of eternal life.


Extra Ops

First appearing in "Try Line 1st", she appears to have maintained what remains of the Pharaoh's servants after his slumber with Cleopatra. She is informed by a mummy warrior that he has killed another trespasser. Noting the large amount of trespassers in recent times, she calls in Arsinoe and tasks the two with driving the trespassers off, which they successfully do. When Arsinoe returns with Try Coins in hand, she tells her to use it quickly before they expire, having attempted to do so earlier but was unable to because they left in a rush.

Hemet also makes a minor appearance as an off-screen character during Ancient Egypt, where she is consulting with another priestess, Hathol. Hathol asks Hemet to perform the ritual on her. Hemet asks Hathol if she wants to go through with the ritual, and when she insists, Hemet performs the ritual on her and the accompanying dog.

Hemet, now accompanied by Hathol, set out and awaken Sharifa. Sharifa learns of a golden square vehicle and expresses her desire to claim it; Hemet is surprised by Sharifa's peppiness, since she just woke up, along with the ritual being supposed to remove all human emotions. Upon hearing of the vehicle's name, Sharifa dashes out to the battlefield before Hemet can explain to her how a United Front works.

With more of the Pharaoh's followers returning, Hemet soon senses that Ramal has awakened and takes Hathol with her to check on her well-being. As they arrive, they find Ramal's pyramid destroyed by the Rebel Army, but soon discover her and her Fabulous Mummy Cats entertaining the Mummy Warriors. Hemet tries to shake Ramal out of the Mummy Cats' deception (who told her that she'd increase her "Wrap Power") to no avail.

Sharifa later approaches her to request a vacation, which Hemet grants as "rest and relaxation". Sharifa then asks her to come along, much to her surprise, but she does so after Cleopatra voices support. Initially believing that Cleopatra cares for them, she rescinds this when she requests they also bring her chocolate ice cream. She leaves with Sharifa after being assured by Cleopatra and Hathol that the ruins will be well protected, and takes summer-appropriate wear with her. Much to her dismay, the two allow the Regular Army to steal some treasure, forcing her and Sharifa to work together to reclaim them. With the help of a human, her water spirit and Sharifa's golems, they are able to reclaim the stolen treasure.

She later accompanies her fellow priestesses to oversee Sekhat's awakening. When Hathol informs them that enemies are coming to disturb the ruins, Hemet tries to drive them off with her powers, but fails.



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