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The Hover Unit is the Ptolemaic main fighter bomber in Metal Slug 5.


Although it leaves its operator exposed, the hover units are very fast and are able to turn in a 180° without leaving its position, which means a great maneuverability. It launches rockets in a similar way as the rebel Flying Tara. The Ptolemaics like to attack in numbers whenever they appear. Special Forces may ride the Hover Unit, and will jump off if the Hover Unit is critically damaged.


Hoverjet.gif Hover Unit: The basic one. Flying in a group, the pilot shoots the missile it carries before leaving the scene.
Elite Hover Unit: Used by the Special Forces, the hover unit's missile is replaced with a gatling gun, which can be swapped out for a powerful laser. In Metal Slug Attack, the Special Force member doesn't jump off and dies alongside the Hover Unit.
Commander Hover Unit: Firstly used by Dragunov, a Ptolemaic Army commander; then, by Captain Gueriillas. It's essentially an Elite Hover Unit colored orange, but boasts better durability. When its was piloted by Dragounov, it shoots a a stronger laser. But when it was piloted by Captain Guerrillas, it shoots stronger assaults missiles. Appears in Metal Slug Attack.
Navy Hover Unit: Used exclusively by Navy Guerrillas. They are called in by Navy Commanders and fire more missiles at a safer distance. Appears in Metal Slug Attack.
Rebellion Hover Unit: Used exclusively by Dragunov for her rebellion, created by Caroline. It has a highly raised plate to protect the operator, and is armed with a stronger laser that can be used from afar rather than having to get up close to use it. Appears in Metal Slug Attack.
Golden Hover Unit: An Hover Unit painted gold and operated by the Special Forces. It's essentially a more durable and stronger version of the original elite variant. Appears in Metal Slug Attack.



  • It also appears in Metal Slug Defense as purchasable unit, or can be sortie by the Commander.
  • The Elite variant of this in Metal Slug Attack does fire a laser cannon, similar to that of Dragunov's.
  • Another variant is called Hover Unit(Navy), a special Hover Unit that can be sortied by Commander(Navy).

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