The Hover Unit is the Ptolemaic main fighter bomber in Metal Slug 5.


Although it leaves its operator exposed, the hover units are very fast and are able to turn in a 180° without leaving its position, which means a great maneuverability. It launches rockets in a similar way as the rebel Flying Tara. The Ptolemaics like to appear with a lot of these at the same time and place.

The Spec-ops also can ride this, but instead of dying like the Guerrillas, they jump off.

In Metal Slug Attack four hover units can be seen:

  • Normal Variant: The basic one. Flying in a group, the pilot shoots the missile it carries before leaving the scene.
  • Elite Variant: Used by the Special Forces, the hover unit's missile is replaced with a gatling gun, which can be swapped out for a powerful laser.
  • Commander Variant: Used exclusively by Dragunov, a Ptolemaic Army commander. It is presumably the same as the Elite Hover Unit, as Dragunov can be seen using the laser that comes with it. The only differences are that it is colored orange and has more durability.
  • Navy Variant: Used exclusively by Navy Guerrillas. It can only be spawned by the Navy Commander and boasts greater firepower and health.



  • It also appears in Metal Slug Defense as purchasable unit, or can be sortie by the Commander.
  • The Elite variant of this in Metal Slug Attack does fires laser cannon, similar to that of Dragunov's.
  • Another variant is called Hover Unit(Navy), a special Hover Unit that can be sortied by Commander(Navy).

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