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The Hozmi (穗積 Hozumi) (also spelt as Hodumi in Metal Slug Attack) is the fifth boss from Metal Slug 2/X, as well as the second boss in Metal Slug Mobile 3.



War is always a dirty business, but who would have ever thought you would find yourself in a naval battle while in a sewer?

The Hozmi is a nuclear-powered submarine, designed for naval battles. It is equipped with a powerful electric cannons with long range. It is unknown since when they were able to create such weapons, but since in this game they have relations with the Martians, it is possible that the Hozmi could be constructed with alien technology. In fact Martians can be found in small booths overlooking the construction of other Hozmi-class vessels.

Regardless of its origins, it's still no match for good old fashioned Peregrine Falcon violence. After the ship is destroyed, the crew will escape from submarine by jumping into the sewage water, adding insult to injury.


The fight against Hozmi is similar to the fight with Tani Oh in which the boss is placed below the player's floor. The Hozmi's rotating ball has several attacks.

  • The hatch opens and emits blue energy balls are either shot in an arc spread or one at a time that are aimed at the player.
  • It emits red energy balls that are fired above the Hozmi, stop in mid-air and then go horizontally straight in the direction of where the player is standing at.
  • It can aim and fire a deadly electric beam from the hatch's cannon, behaving exactly like Tani Oh's Andro Cannon.

Once the Hozmi is destroyed, the main cannon is popped out and the submarine sinks. Various Rebels are seen fleeing and swimming on the sewer-infested waters.


HozmiIdle.gif Hozmi: The original nuclear submarine built by the Rebel Army. Appears in Metal Slug 2 and Metal Slug X.
Hozmi 2.0.gif Hozmi 2.0: This rare variant of the Hozmi is found only in Metal Slug Universal.
Hodumi+ MSA idle.gif Hodumi+: An aerial version of the Hozmi painted blue. Shares the same attacks as the original, appearing in Metal Slug Attack.
Hodumi++: A black-grey version of the Hodumi+ that still possesses the series' signature electrocannon, but this time can also send numerous stalactites falling down on enemies. Appears in Metal Slug Attack.
Snow Hodumi: A white version of the Hodumi+ that can fire a freeze cannon and ice breath on enemies. Appears in Metal Slug Attack.
Golden Hodumi: A golden version of the Hodumi that can send numerous stalactites falling down on enemies, and can fire the deadly electric beam from the hatch's cannon direct to the enemy. Appears in Metal Slug Attack.


  • Various incomplete Hozmis can be seen in the background of Metal Slug 2/X's final mission, as soon as the building is breached. Several others that are nearly completed can be found in the foreground.
  • The Hozmi's design is based on the player's submarines from In The Hunt, which was developed when Nazca was still a part of Irem. The color palette for Hozmi and Hozmi 2.0 are similar to the Player 1 and Player 2 submarines in the game.
  • The Hodumi+ is known as "Hozumikai" in the game's files. Kai means "Plus" or "Revised" in Japanese.
    • For some reason, MSA's playable Hozumi name was using Japanese romanization instead of English romanization (Japanese romanization mostly using "Du" for "Zu" sound)
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