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The Huge Hermit is the first boss from Metal Slug 3.


Originally a hermit crab on Pallas Island before it grew to a huge size due to radiation, the Huge Hermit is one of the mutated creatures born from the nuclear test on Pallas Island. The Rebels later captured the gigantic crab and gave it a hollowed out Denturion tank to use as a shell, allowing the crab to (somehow) operate its still-functional turrets.

Boss Synopsis

The players have to keep moving right while shooting at the boss. The Huge Hermit will attack by shooting two fireballs from the tank, while also trying to destroy the bridge. After taking enough damage, it will reveal a large cannon, which fires large shells that can destroy parts of the bridge. Various POWs walk on the screen one by one from the right side of the bridge.

If the player took the Borobune Slug route (through the swamp), they will face the Huge Hermit with an SV-001 Type-R that faces backwards, which is the easier way. However, if taken the other routes (the Slug Mariner or the sunken ship), they will encounter and fight the crab with a Slugnoid Type-R with invert-controlled Vulcan cannons and fat Iron Lizards. While the player receives twice the firepower with the Slugnoid, they have to take care and avoid getting hit or lose a Vulcan per hit.


Hermitcrab.gif Huge Hermit: Initial form, as first seen in Metal Slug 3.
Huge Hermit MSA.gif Huge Hermit (Cannon): After taking enough damage, the Hermit reveals a large cannon. This is always visible in Metal Slug Defense and Metal Slug Attack.
Huge Hermit MSA.gif Mini Hermit: First seen in Metal Slug Defense as a special reward for 20 million downloads. Its claw can kill most enemy troops in one hit, but it will take at least 2-4 hits to destroy a tank. Its cannon remains unused. Despite Mini Hermit walking on land, it still has a wave of water around it. Upon death, it will sink through the ground and explode.
Skull Hermit MSA.gif Skull Hermit: Recolored variant seen in Metal Slug Attack. It can launch rocks at enemies.
Evol Hermit: Recolored variant seen in Metal Slug Attack. It can launch massive rolling balls to soak up enemy attacks.
Hermit tank.png Denturion: A mostly-complete version of the tank shell. It is carried by two small blimps as the substructure necessary to support the large turret has not been finished. Operates for a bit when its treads are damaged and then explodes. Naomi calls it to the battlefield. Appears in Metal Slug Attack.
Flying hermit.png Flying Hermit: Re-skinned variant seen in Metal Slug Attack. Instead of carrying a scrapped tank, it carries a large airplane to allow flight. It attacks with energy balls from its claws and drops explosive eggs from its sac.
Golden Huge Hermit: Recolored variant seen in Metal Slug Attack. Its shell and scrapped tank are now all gold from eating golden weapon scraps. It attacks by firing icicles and rolling snowballs.
Flying Hermit Ace: An Evol Hermit that has adopted a new airplane to allow for flight. It launches homing missiles from its claws and can bombard the entire field with explosive eggs from its sac.

In Other Games

Metal Slug Defense

The Huge Hermit appears as a boss. In the early stages that it appears in, it loses its ability to shoot either the fireballs or the cannon but keeps its ability to do the rushing claw attack. The other version that appears in the extra world of MSD in the 1.36 patch can use the fireball cannons, but it can't rush forward. In the Hermit Boss fight, it will destroy parts of the dock, instantly killing anything it touches. If it gets to the player's base, the base is instantly destroyed.

Metal Slug Attack

The Mini Hermit from Metal Slug Defense returns as a Rare Unit. The Huge Hermit makes its playable debut in the "Mutation War" Extra Ops. Unlike its smaller version, the Huge Hermit is able to use both its fireballs and cannons. By unlocking the appropriate skill, it can attack and move at the same time.

In Another Story, it is revealed that the Huge Hermit was an individual creature who adorned the tank as its own shell. Esther was able to control the Huge Hermit, but it was eventually captured and re-purposed by the Rebel Army.

Battle Cats

The Huge Hermit appears as an Uber Rare Cat as part of a collaboration between Metal Slug Defense and Battle Cats.


  • When the players fight the Huge Hermit, it appears to be walking in shallow water. However, once the players defeat the boss, it will sink like it's in deep water.
  • As the Hermit has an incomplete sprite on its feet, it always appears with water below it.
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