Hyakumantaros (or TAROs) are variants of Hyakutaro found in Metal Slug Defense and Metal Slug Attack.


Like Hyakutaro, the Hyakumantaros perform spinning kicks and use their ki to attack, each one releasing their energy in a different manner. All of the Taros run away should their HP be depleted. They often make use of unused poses drawn for the original Hyakutaro.

Their names are based on the respective games' download milestones, as "hyaku man" means "one million" in Japanese (or "a hundred ten-thousands", more literally). Their names are fully written out in their native tongue, but are named [number]TARO in most other localisations.


Metal Slug Defense

Issenmantaro / 10000000TARO

Issenmantaro MSD idle Given out for free for the ten million event. A red headed Hyakutaro, he is a melee fighter; his long range and special attacks send a quick burst of energy out in front of him.

Metal Slug Attack

A total of 180 parts for these Hyakumantaros were given out over the course of a week for specific celebration events (enough to evolve them to gold tier). Currently, 7000000TARO and 8000000TARO parts are additionally obtainable from the MSP Crank.

Roppyakumantaro / 6000000TARO

Issenmantaro MSD idle 6000000TARO is similar to Issenmantaro, but fires an additional energy burst when performing his special attack.

Nanahyakumantaro / 7000000TARO

Kurokami MSA idle Aka "Kurokami" (or "Black God"). A dark-haired Hyakutaro, he shoots quick green energy balls towards the opposing army. His special fires a vast number of shots after a lengthy charge of his palms (around five seconds). He can also deploy directly to the front of the lines, but unlike Mummies or Japonese Assault Force members, he lands a short distance away from the nearest enemy.

Happyakumantaro / 8000000TARO

Happyakumantaro MSA win

A tanned and beach-ready Hyakutaro, he throws two energy balls instead of one. His special aims a set of energy balls in an upwards curve, which then rain down a set distance ahead. When 8000000TARO wins, he produces a cocktail and gives a thumbs-up.


Another beach-related Hyakumantaro. His projectiles (called Accelerator Shoots) now penetrate targets. According to his description, "He's overflowing with expectations now that he's almost reached his goal".