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Invader UFO Corrected.jpg
Leader Invader King
Commanders Geweih Metzelei
Schwarz Metzelei
Bloom Metzelei
Fedeln Metzelei
Founded Unknown
Headquarters Meteor Crash Site (On Earth)
Area of Operations Solar System
Outer Space
Enemies With Regular Army
Rebel Army
Amadeus Syndicate (Metal Slug Attack)
Ptolemaic Army (Metal Slug Attack)
Affiliated With Rootmars (Metal Slug Defense, Mind controlled)

VenusianWalk.gifInvader Leader Cocoon.gifVanguard-walk.gif

The Invaders are a extremely hostile alien enemy faction from outer space. They are the main antagonists in Metal Slug 6


Led by the fearsome Invader King, they are ferocious insect-like beings with shapeshifting aspects. They are also able to assimilate powers and traits of the creatures they feast on, thus increasing the power of their swarm-like army. Their main goal is to assimilate all of the universe into their empire.

Their society is hive-based, with lower ranks based on skin color and durability. Invaders are born from cocoons in hive-like structures from terraformed worlds, and their abilities and roles are pre-determined at birth. The common Drones are a toad-like lifeform while the commanding Invaders are born as humanoid shapeshifters. Their technology is very advanced and organic in nature.

Despite the Invaders and Martians being at odds with each other, both are classified in Metal Slug Defense, Metal Slug Attack, and Metal Slug: Commander as part of the so-called "Space Army". Both armies are also part of the Another Force in Metal Slug Infinity.

Metal Slug 6

The Invaders crash on Earth feasting on humans and Martians alike amidst the fighting that was going on between the Martian-backed Rebel forces and the Regular Army. As they are the natural predators of the Martians; a triple alliance between the psionic aliens and the humans is formed to defeat the Invaders. In the final assault on the Invader's nest their leader is defeated and the invasion is put to an end. Rootmars goes back to Mars, and Morden goes into hiding again after agreeing on a truce.

Metal Slug Attack

The Invaders have a much larger command structure, as shapeshifters and Royal Guards (Metzeleis) are further explored, revealing a much more complex and powerful alien faction than the ravenous beasts seen in Metal Slug 6. Their goal for the conquest of Earth and Mars continues through schemes and infiltration attempts.


Common Troops

Lower rank invaders are parasitic or mindless in nature, following their instinct blindly as well as orders coming from their leaders. They are uncapable of speech but can be easily be differentiated by their colors and abilities.

Invader Idle.gif
Flying Invader Idle.gif
Invaders: The most commonly encountered Invader strain.
Pink Invader Idle.gif
Pink Flying Invader.gif
Ravenous Invaders: Pink strain of commanding drones influenced to be always starving.
Light Pink Flying Invader.gif
Elite Invaders: Tan-Peach colored Invaders.
Green Flying Invader.gif
Lizard Invaders: Highly aggressive Invaders with extremely hard shells.

Commanding Troops

Mostly bipedal members who hold command of the lower ranks and the Invader subspecies. Some are native to the Invaders while others were scouted from destroyed planets. They tend to burst into flames when defeated.

Nowan MSA morph.gif
Humanoids: These Invaders are stronger than the rest of their brethren and are capable of vocal communication. They have the ability to shapeshift into human form, but can also transform and stretch parts of their bodies to attack or defend themselves. Transformed parts of their bodies tend to be purple in color.
Metzelei: Also known as a Heavenly King, they are the highest ranked Invaders. Despite being able to command the lower ranks, they tend to work alone as their powers and/or reputation cause most other Invaders to fear them.

Units of the Invaders


Invader King Ver.MSA Idle.gif

Four Heavenly Kings/Metzelei



Annette MSA idle.gifOdette MSA win.gifNowan MSA win.gif

Other Known Members

Et A Omnis MSA idle.gifDrache.gif




Franke MSA idle.gifBersek-MSA-Idle.gif

  • Franke (Mad human scientist; half-Invader hybrid)
  • Bersek (Abducted and controlled; ex-Regular Army soldier)
  • Pictura (rescued Invader)


Combat Drones

Crab Tank: Organic crab-like weapon that can fire two energy cannons from the nodules in its head. It also open its carapace to fire a large blue bouncing bubble which splits into three smaller ones.
Vanguard: Modified Crab-Tank. They are able to fire oval shaped lasers from their tentacles attached to their head. They also have a plasma cannon in their eye.
Giant Hunter Walker: Heavily mutated Hunter Walkers able to carpet bomb entire areas. Their thick skin is impervious to conventional weaponry, but their eye is a known weak spot.

Aircrafts and Spacecrafts

Invader UFO: An unusually shaped spacecraft used by unwinged Invaders. Attacks by firing a purple energy laser three times in a row. They cannot teleport unlike their Martian counterpart.
Flying Core.gif
Flying Core: Flying gravitational core that lifts surrounding objects and tosses them at its foes. It can also fire a flurry of green bullets. In Metal Slug 6, one is found near the end of Mission 3 throwing garbage, while the ones in Mission 4 throw large meteorites.
Flying Shelt: An enormous flying weapon that launches meteors and can suicide dive on enemy targets. In Metal Slug 6, these are indestructible and can crush the player. Multiple crash-landed Shelts can be seen in Mission 3 if the player takes the upper route.

Biological Support

Great Mother MSA idle.gif
Great Mother: The mother to all the Winged Invaders. It carries a massive reproductive system on itself, and flaps its wings around to move, albeit very slowly. Its appearance is grotesque and the flapping of its wings causes fear among all in the cosmos.
Great Nest: An organic device used by invaders to terraform conquered planets. In order to change the surface environment and recover energy sources, they disperse fragments called Space Mole Crickets into the surrounding area.
Blobsphere: Bioweapon built only with self-defense instincts used for base defense or suppression. It can heal itself and attack by producing large blades from its body.


  • The Invaders are based on both the Xenomorph aliens of the Alien franchise and Zergs from the Starcraft series.
  • Before their official name was given, fans always referred to them as "Venusians" or, less frequently, "Jupiterians". The former name is used in Metal Slug Attack to refer the Invader Drones in its sprite sheets.
  • In Metal Slug Defense and Metal Slug Attack, most of the Invaders mistakenly use a darker color palette.
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