Invaders Invasion
April 2031 to May 2031
Regular and Rebel Army victory
  • Rebel Army and Mars People aids the Regular Army in defeating the Invaders. Both parties escape to rebuild their armies after the conflict ends.
  • The Invaders and their Queen are destroyed and their invasion is repelled.
  • Rebel and Regular Peace processing, but was not successful as this lead into another war.
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The Invaders invasion is the name of the event that takes during the time period from April 2031 to May 2031 and is seen in Metal Slug 6.

General Morden and the Rebel Army vanished once more after the end of the Third Modern War, and they had not staged any invasions since. It seemed that at long last, the world would finally recover from its war-torn wounds. However, various testimonies involving sighting of aliens and giant creatures are collected seem to suggest that another conflict is on the horizon.

The Division of Intel eventually spots what appears to be the Rebel Army setting up a base in the mountains. Though Morden himself was nowhere in sight, the Regular Army nonetheless sent in the usual team of four to investigate: Marco and Tarma of P.F. Squad and Eri and Fio of S.P.A.R.R.O.W.S. By order of their commanders, they would be further assisted by Ralf Jones and Clark Still, two soldiers from a private military team.

An investigation of the area reveals that it is indeed a Rebel Army base, and that the Mars People have allied themselves with Morden again despite the past betrayals. Upon locating Morden, they learn the reason for the revived alliance. A vicious alien race called the Invaders have invaded and are eating the Mars People, and the Mars People have apparently asked Morden for help in saving their race.

The Regular Army is drawn into the conflict when the Invaders begin attacking important cities, and later accompany the Rebel Army and Mars People into the desert where the Invaders have set up a nest deep underground. The group eventually finds the Invader Queen within and destroys her. The alien threat repelled and both Earth and Mars saved, the three factions separated once more to recoup their losses.

Nave Destrosada

A Flying Shelt, crashed at the city of Pekin.