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The Iron Iso is one of the Rebel Army's tanks featured in the Metal Slug series.


The Iron Iso is a heavy tank designed mainly for base defense. It is heavily armored, serving well as an armed roadblock and as cover for troops and other vehicles like the Girida-O. Its long-range cannon is powerful enough to demolish anything in its path. It fires its shells in an arc. Due to its high production cost, only a limited quantity of units were produced.

Upgrades & Variants

Rebel Army

Iron Iso: Most common version. Usually fires one shot. In Metal Slug Infinity, the Iron Iso is capable of moving and fires its turret parallel to its body.
Iron Iso MK II: Improved variant with better armor. Once damaged, it fires three-shot bursts. It is seen in the first Metal Slug.
Mobile Iron Iso: In Metal Slug 3D, the Iron Iso are far more commonly found than in the previous games and are capable of moving at relatively high speed.
MSA Iron Iso II.png
Iron Iso II: Found in Metal Slug Attack, this Iso is painted blue and has a sandbag in front of it for additional protection.
MSA Golden Iso.png
Golden Iso: Found in Metal Slug Attack, this Iso is painted golden. It has the furthest range out of all of its variants.

Regular Army

MSA Blue Tiger Idle.gif
Blue Tiger: A variant ridden by Nikita. It capable of full swings to any side, preventing it from being flanked from blind spots. It sports an experimental Neo-Andro Cannon that can fire from behind and in the air.


  • The final look of Iron Iso appears to be inspired by German WWII tank designs:
    • Track and roller configuration, as well as hull shape, details and proportions resemble the VK 45.01 (P) very closely in-game (a scrapped prototype of the Tiger I - the turret was used, while the hull later was re-purposed for the Elefant). On the final concept art however, hull proportions and suspension resemble ones of Tiger I, while exhaust pipes make the rear resemble one of the Panther instead.
    • While the turret doesn't match the shape of the Porsche turret made for Tiger I (circular instead of rectangular) as well as the gun's calibre (88mm instead of 75mm commonly used on Panzer IVs instead), the gun mantlet and muzzle break are nearly identical. Additionally, details of the turret's side suggest that Porsche turret was indeed in mind.
    • Another thing that doesn't match the Porsche turret's design is the location of the top hatch (not centered), which likely was influenced by the look of turrets of the Panzer III, Panzer IV, and Panther. It all goes in line with the fact that German turret designs tended to have a slight forward slant (so that the gun could be pointed down - the barrel goes down while the breach inside the turret goes up).
  • The earlier, unused version of the Iron Iso's design is based on the German SdKfz173 Jagdpanther tank destroyer, or a StuG III Tank Destroyer.
  • The Mobile version of the Iron Iso recycles M-15A's chassis and adds a turret to it.
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