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The Iron Lizard is a special weapon introduced in Metal Slug X. It is represented with the icon 033AS.gif.



The Iron Lizard is a remote-controlled unmanned vehicle designed to engage targets with a high amount of lethality. While excelling at anti-personnel roles, its special warhead filled with a combustible chemical does very little against armored targets. The car-like "missile" runs through the floor until it finds a target and explodes in a blue smoke. It is very effective against ground targets but is also ineffective against air targets, targets in height, or targets on a different platform from the player.

When fat, the Iron Lizard turns into a bipedal, white cartoon bomb with legs running at the enemy. These can occasionally stop to catch a breather before charging again or accidentally trip themselves before exploding. Some Slugnoids carry Fat Iron Lizards as their secondary ammo.


An Iron Lizard crate contains 30 ammo from Metal Slug X to Metal Slug 5.

Game Difficulty Marco/Eri/Tarma/Clark Fio Ralf Leona
Metal Slug 6 Easy 20 30 10 N/A
Hard 10 15 5 N/A
Metal Slug 7/XX Beginner 60 90 30 72
Normal/Hard 30 45 15 36

Crossover Appearances

Neo Geo Battle Coliseum

Iron Lizard.gif
A low move with slow startup time. Marco Rossi can fire an Iron Lizard as one of his specials, and once the Iron Lizard is in motion, Marco is able to use his own attacks to co-ordinate with the explosive and increase its effectiveness.

Announcer Clips

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Metal Slug 3D to Metal Slug 7
Metal Slug XX


  • The Iron Lizard is a direct reference to the land-based missile of the same name from Lupin the Third.
  • The Iron Lizard is the only special weapon to not have concept art of its crate in Metal Slug 2/X.
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