Iron Nokana

The Iron Nokana is the fifth boss from Metal Slug: Super Vehicle-001. It makes a comeback as the first boss of Metal Slug X, but is colored military green instead of red.


The Iron Nokana is a modified giant armored truck that was adapted for combat. Its firepower is concentrated on the front, with a cannon and rocket launcher turret on the top and a hidden flamethrower on its bottom. To compensate for the lack of firepower in the rear, a Girida-O is mounted on its back.


The Iron Nokana's main weapon is the cannon on the front, which will fire a series of arching projectiles that must be timed correctly to be avoided. When the Iron Nokana has flames all over and flat tires, it will lift itself and show a flamethrower turret at the bottom, which will try to burn the players if they come near it. After the turret is destroyed, some POWs will come out of it, and the boss will start to fire rockets at the players, which must be avoided by going underneath them. If the players go to its rear, the Girida-O sitting on its back will start shooting at them.


Nokana Iron Nokana Mk I: Found in Metal Slug: Super Vehicle-001. This is the original version.
Iron Nokana MK II MSA idle Mk II: Appears in Metal Slug X. It has the same attacks, but has significantly sturdier armor than the original version.
Iron The Iron: See The Iron for more info.
Iron II MSA Iron II: An improved variant, is slower but more resistant than its original counterpart. The Morden Robot driving it wears a blue uniform.
Iron Nokameow MSD idle Iron Nokameow: A special version featured in Metal Slug Defense. It carries a "Cat Base" on its back and Morden is riding it. It was part of the Battle Cats promotional event.
Prototype Iron MSA idle Prototype Iron: Found in Metal Slug Attack. Just like its name says, it's the prototype version of The Iron. It uses a bigger unmanned flamethrower from the bottom, making its range longer, and the missile pod is now placed on its back. Its name suggest that it is an early version or test model of the original Iron Nokana.

Description: "A prototype vehicle based on Morden Army's 'Iron Nokana'. This vehicle has impressive skills for a prototype."

Prototype Iron II MSA Idle Prototype Iron II: Improved version of the original Prototype Iron, it is painted purple and the Morden Robot riding it wears a blue uniform.
Spacey Nokana MSA idle Spacey Nokana: A customized Iron Nokana built specifically for Abigail, one of the Rebel Army's commanders. Compared to the original Iron Nokana and its MK II variant, the Spacey Nokana has longer range. Since it was designed for Abigail, the ball turret fires out a large, piercing laser beam rather than the standard flamethrower. Found in Metal Slug Attack.
Sister Nokana MSA idle Sister Nokana: A customized Iron Nokana built specifically for Beatriz, Abigail's sister. Unlike the other rebel variants, it launches missiles rather than firing from its cannon. As it is designed for Beatriz, the ball turret fires out powerful frost beam. Appears in Metal Slug Attack.
Golden Nokana: A customized Iron Nokana built specifically for Allen O'Neil. Painted gold, the ball turret has been modified to ignite the surrounding area with flames. Appears in Metal Slug Attack.
Spiral-Nokana-Ver P M-MSA-Idle Spiral Nokana: A customized Iron Nokana built specifically for Towa. Painted black, the ball turret is replaced with two drills that can burrow under the ground and reappear on the ground surface. Appears in Metal Slug Attack.


  • The Iron Nokana is based on the Sd.Kfz. 232 German 8 wheeled armored car, part of the Schwerer Panzerspähwagen ("heavy armoured reconnaissance vehicle") series of armoured cars used by Germany during the Second World War.
  • In Metal Slug Defense and Metal Slug Attack, the Girida-O on its back has been removed.
  • Despite having more armor, the Mk II can be destroyed faster that the Mk I due to being the first boss in the game.
  • The Iron Nokana appears in Metal Slug Attack as an obtainable unit. Before, it could be attained via Medal Crank, Elite World Map and Treasure Hunt (if the player is at LVL40). The Medal Crank method was later replaced with Event Crank, while leaving the other ways mentioned intact. In this game, it can now launch incendiary missiles with a specific skill.
  • The Iron Nokana MKII first appeared in Metal Slug Attack as a boss in both World Map (Stage 13-4) and Guild Raid (Stage 8 of "Sandstorm City"). After, it was both a Main Boss and a Reward Unit on the Extra Ops "Operation Ikari". It can use its flamethrower along with missiles, costing more AP (650 at silver) but having improved armor and firepower.
  • In the early development stages of Metal Slug: Super Vehicle-001, the Iron Nokana was missing some spikes on its front plate, while also having it painted red instead of grey as in the final game.


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