The Jet Hammer-Yang is a jet boat that acts as a mid-boss in Metal Slug 2, Metal Slug X, and Metal Slug 5.


These simple airboats have missiles attached to their sides, which can track their targets at some extend. The pilot is left unprotected, but this is compensated by their incredible agility. They will continue to operate even after its pilot is killed, firing missiles continuously until it is destroyed.


Rebel Variant: The Rebel version is the most commonly seen variant. It's stronger, but has less speed.

Ptolemaic variant: The Ptolemaic version of the Jet Hammer-Yang is faster, but it has less armor than the Rebel version.


  • In Metal Slug Fighters you can ride this vehicle after killing the pilot.
  • The missiles are from the real model McDonnell Douglas AGM 84 Harpoon Anti-ship Missile.
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