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Jetpack Joyride is an Endless Runner developed and published by Halfbrick Studios.


Jetpack Joyride revolves on the character Barry Steakfries flying through a long laboratory while dodging various obstacles under a single life. The player controls Barry through the use of a single button. Similar to the Drop Pack, Barry flies upwards when the button/screen is held and drops down once let go. Barry slowly speeds up as gameplay progresses, and the game ends once Barry crashes onto something.

Overall, the player attempts to reach the farthest distance possible before dying. Various power-ups, gadgets, and vehicles allow the player to take extra hits, revive, add distance, or make gameplay easier. These power-ups can be earned and upgraded by using coins which are found all over the place.

Metal Slug Collaboration

A collaboration event between Jetpack Joyride and Metal Slug was announced on August 16, 2020 and runs from September 2, 2020 through September 25, 2020. It features new costumes, jetpacks, alternate versions of vehicles, and backgrounds based on missions from the Metal Slug series. The scientists wear Rebel Army uniforms, and the missiles are modeled after the Rebel Rockets.

Each skin costs $2.99. The Slug Mariner costs $5.99 if the Wave Rider wasn't purchased yet. Bundles of specific set of skins are worth $9.99 each. Buying the Metal Slug Ultimate Pack, which is everything including backgrounds, costs $29.99.


All four characters have their respective death yells from the original games.

JJ Marco Body.PNG
Marco Rossi:
"The man, the myth, the legend. This tech savvy lad leads the renowned P.F. Squad in the fight against General Morden."
JJ Eri Head.PNG
Eri Kasamoto:
"Known for being crafty and with a knack for pyrotechnics, Eri certainly is a blast."
JJ Tarma Head.PNG
Tarma Roving:
"Sunglasses? Check. Motorcycle? Check. Ultimate cool guy attitude? Double check."
JJ Fio Head.PNG
Fio Germi:
"Born into a strong military family, Fio is a seasoned warrior despite her quiet demeanor."
JJ Marco Head.PNG
Military Fatigues:
"Both stylish and fit for purpose. Perfect gear for hunting down Rebel soldiers."
JJ Eri Body.PNG
Tactical Tank Top:
"The garments of choice for a demolitions expert."
JJ Tarma Body.PNG
Soldier Garments:
"Provides increased mobility and proficiency in piloting Slugs."
JJ Fio Body.PNG
Military Vest:
"Handy for concealing all sorts of deadly firearms."


JJ HMG Jetpack.PNG
Heavy Machine Gun:
"How do you improve on the classic Machine Gun Jetpack? Add more bullets!"
JJ Flame Shot Jetpack.PNG
Flame Shot:
"Apply to the affected area, and watch your problems melt away!"
JJ Rocket Launcher Jetpack.PNG
Rocket Launcher:
"Sit back in your lawn chair and relax while these rockets do all the work for you."
JJ Laser Cannon Jetpack.PNG
Laser Cannon:
"Salvaged from the wreckage of the fearsome Tetsuyuki, this cannon is still fully operational and capable of wreaking destruction."


SV-001 (Lil Stomper):
"The classic Metal Slug. It's not everyday you get to ride around in a fully armed tank."
JJ Rebel Motorcycle.PNG
Rebel Motorcycle (Bad As Hog):
"Stolen from the Rebel Army, this bike comes fully equipped with a sidecar, and general feeling of badassery."
JJ Slug Flyer.PNG
Slug Flyer (Profit Bird):
"Originally designed for aerial combat, this Super Vehicle developed a taste for coins instead."
JJ Mr Sluggles.PNG
Mr. Sluggles (Mr. Cuddles):
"When tanks and bullets just aren't enough... use dragon fire."
JJ Slug Mariner.PNG
Slug Mariner (Wave Rider):
"A single crew mini sub. Used primarily to search for shiny coins on the bottom of the ocean floor."
S.A.M. Defender (Strong Arm Machine):
"A decommissioned Slug that has replaced its Vulcan cannons with an energy shield. Kick-ass."

Music tracks

Metal Slug Event Rewards

Green weapon tokens fly around the stage. Collecting a number of them unlocks certain cosmetics for free. A player can double the amount of tokens in a run by watching an ad.

Reward Tokens Total Tokens
Fio's Military Vest 50 50
Fio Germi 55 105
Tarma's Soldier Garments 150 255
Tarma Roving 300 555
Eri's Tactical Tank Top 500 1055
Eri Kasamoto 650 1705
Marco's Military Fatigues 700 2405
Marco Rossi 750 3155
Heavy Machine Gun Jetpack 1500 4655
SV-001 2500 7155

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