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Julia is a new character introduced in Metal Slug Attack.

Character Summary

An officer of the Rebel Army, she's often deployed with Allen Jr. on missions.

She has a romantic relationship with Allen Jr., even if his ways tend to frustrate or irritate her. She is considerably smarter than him, valuing the lives of the soldiers under her command and will take it upon herself to correct his errors. Nonetheless, she still loves him dearly, and looks up to his family.

In battle, she copies Allen O'Neil's combat style, her twist being that she also uses axe-bladed grenades.


Extra Ops

First seen in the Extra Ops titled "Same Direction", Julia finds Allen Jr. taking a shower (following his repeated defeat at the hands of Walter Ryan), and becomes upset that he abandoned his soldiers and also let the Formor+ and Keesi III+ fall into the hands of the Regular Army. She shames him into accompanying her back to the battlefield, where they repel the occupying forces.

After driving away the Regular Army, she's informed by a soldier at the front that they've recaptured the Formor+ and Keesi III+. She prepares to address the men, but Jr. interrupts her to take the glory for himself. He claims he left to find her, and that the retreat saved their soldiers from becoming prisoners. The men are skeptical, but Julia saves him from humiliation by "agreeing", calling him a genius. As they celebrate, Julia is embarrassed as Jr. lifts her up in front of them, and when asked to share a shower she responds by slapping him on the cheek.

She later appears in the first United Front operation, where she is stationed in the desert as part of Morden's global attack. After battling Dragunov, she makes a hasty retreat as ordered.

In "Auto Battle", Julia, Allen Jr. and Emma are sent for a simulation battle against an AI Amadeus army led by their own Shoe & Karn. During the battle, Julia and her men run out of ammo. While it is just a simulation, Julia hopes that Allen Jr. makes the correct decision as he is the commander.

In "Great Flower", Julia accompanies Dolores in fighting off the Regular Army. Julia learns why Dolores respects older men and finds it cute, much to her embarrassment. They eventually defeat the Regular Army and return to base.

When Julia learns that Morden has been transformed into a girl and that her boyfriend's idiotic actions have caused the general to run away and hide in shame, she tells Abigail that she will correct his errors. She catches up to Morden and with her general's planning, helps prove his strength in battle. Abigail thanks Julia for protecting Morden, but she also shares some of the credit to the player for their assistance.




  • While Julia's illustration shows her with blue eyes, her victory animation seems to show her with green ones instead.
  • She is the ninth Metal Slug Attack character to ride a vehicle. The others are El Dorado, the Professor, Dragunov, Veronica, Aileen, Sisilia, Rapid, and Towa.
  • In MSA's game files can be seen that Julia originally was going to get off of the car instead of get defeated right there, her animations are similar to Allen O'Neil and Allen Jr.'s ones. It is later reused as a sprite for "Special Julia".
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