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The LV Armor, also known as the Level Armor or Rebel Armor[1], is a Rebel Army battle suit that appears in Metal Slug 3. It can also be used as a Slug by the player.


Taking considerable inspiration from the Regular Army's Slugnoid, the Rebels created the LV Armor as their own mechanized armor. The LV Armor is very light and maneuverable, capable of double-jumping thanks to the rocket boosters on its backpack. The operator controls this vehicle inside the cockpit while being protected from most incoming enemy attacks.

In terms of weaponry, the only weapon that the armor has is a cannon, which deploys from one of its claws for firing high explosive shells. Needless to say, it also possesses the ability to equip any weapon to its other claw, making it both versatile and unique; but at the same time, limited, due to ammo from weapon crates being limited. Additionally, it can use its claws to punch enemies at close range, dealing considerable damage with each blow.

However, one thing to remember about the LV Armor, is that it is heavily reliant on weapon crates and that conservation of ammunition is a must (if the player intends to use it) as this Slug is rather useless when it runs out of ammo. Also, it can only equip one weapon at a time and if the player picks up a different weapon crate, it will discard its current weapon (and its remaining ammo) for the new weapon. Oddly, the LV Armor cannot shoot diagonally with a Heavy Machine Gun (normally, the player can do so on foot). This can be troublesome at times, as it gives the player a limited line of fire being up or right as the only available directions.

Engaging enemies with its claws takes time and it cannot move during its punching animation for roughly a second. Even so, most of the enemies that the player faces in this Slug consists of mostly other Rebel-piloted LV Armors, each of which taking two melee hits to destroy. Try to avoid close quarters when using this Slug, as it is very vulnerable (especially against multiple enemies at once) and only do so if absolutely necessary; instead, it is advisable to engage them at long range or with a suitable weapon if possible. The LV Armor cannot turn its body around (while the enemy can), facing only towards the right side of the screen. This can be an issue when enemies or projectiles are aimed its back where the LV Armor cannot defend itself.

The Slug Armor is an upgraded variant of the LV Armor designed by the Rebel Army's engineers, equipped with a Vulcan and a cannon on its back, improving its design drastically. However, it cannot double jump like the original.


546745.gif LV Armor: The original Rebel Army battle suit.
Golden LV Armor: A LV Armor variant painted gold. It has numerous upgrades over the original such as increased firepower and durability. Appears in Metal Slug Attack.
Blaze Armor: A LV Armor variant painted red, used by Blaze Brigade and piloted by one of their members. It uses incendiary-based attacks, launching fireballs and even plumes of flame. Appears in Metal Slug Attack.
Freeze Armor: A LV Armor variant painted blue. It uses freeze-based attacks, launching ice needles and even crystals of ice. Appears in Metal Slug Attack.
LevelArmorFMSA.gif Winged LV Armor: A LV Armor variant painted black, modified to fight in both the air and ground, but they've been rushed and as such, exclusively fight in the skies. It shots single plain missiles and large buster missiles to the enemies. Appears in Metal Slug Attack.
Lv-armor-advanced.gif Slug Armor: This version possesses high, resilient armor, and is equipped with a Vulcan and a cannon on its back. The Slug Armor is very effective when fighting against large enemies.
Gunner Unit idle.gif Units: This Ptolemaic Army's bipedal tank is rumored to be developed using data stolen from the Regular Army. There are several Unit variants, equipped with weapons ranging from miniguns to claws to fold-out cannons. No pilots are seen emerging from a defeated Unit, suggesting that they either die when defeated, or the Units are unmanned fighting machines.


  • In Metal Slug 3's Final Mission, the LV Armor is only equipped with 10 units of Flame Shot ammo, and the player cannot pick up another weapon, even when all the Flame Shots have been used up.
  • Units are the only LV Armor variant that use sensor eyes.
  • When Big John is destroyed, a Rebel soldier in a LV Armor chassis with no limbs is seen, presumably controlling the boss from there.



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