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The Landseek is a support truck from the Rebel Army that carries either Rebel troops or tanks.


The Landseek is a transport vehicle used to carry enemy troops to the battlefield. It also has the capability to transport heavy artillery, such as tanks, AA-Guns and other armored vehicles. They have no armament as they are only meant for support.

In the Final Mission of Metal Slug 2/X, the Landseek arrives carrying an SV-001 when the player damages the Rugname enough. If you don't take it in time, the Landseek will retreat along with the SV-001. Hyakutaro is also carried in Metal Slug X only.

The Landseek also appears for the first time as a combat vehicle in Metal Slug Defense's 1.43.0 update. It has 10,500 HP at level 40 and cost 150 AP to deploy. It carries an AA Cannon on its back operated by a Rebel. Its special attack is aiming the AA Cannon above making the Landseek one of better Anti-Air units.

Upgrades and variants

Landseek Ver. P.M: A version of the Landseek replacing the back tracks with wheels similar to its front ones. It can now lift its back just like the Drill Slug/Forklift and can kill the player if they are under it when it lowers down.

Regular Landseek: A greenly-colored Landseek driven by a POW. It is seen helping the player during Mission 2 of Metal Slug 4, carrying them over a long distance while fighting off Flying Taras and Eaca-Bs. It cannot be destroyed by enemies, and the player cannot jump off it when the POW is driving.


  • It was roughly based on the German World War II Sonderkraftfahrzeug (Sd.Kfz. for short) ("special motorized vehicle") half-track family, bearing most resemblance to Sd.Kfz 6, Sd.Kfz. 7, and Sd.Kfz. 11, as can be seen by headlight and radiator grill designs.
  • Landseek's caterpillar track is also used on Melty Honey and its variant, Metal Claw .
  • The sprites of the AA Cannon and its bullets that is attached to the Landseek in Metal Slug Defense is actually from Gunforce II.
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