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List of Missions in the Metal Slug series. As missions past Metal Slug 3 do not have official names, it'll be referred by its theme title instead[1][2]. The exception is Metal Slug 6 where the mission's title will be based on its first section title according to the game's debug level select (although slightly edited for clarity)[3].

Missions for the two Neo Geo Pocket Color titles are found in their own pages below:

Metal Slug: Super Vehicle-001

  1. Absolute Thick Forest
  2. A Wish For a Morning Glow
  3. Iron Cavalrymen in Hell
  4. Death Valley
  5. The City Under Despotism
  6. The Memorial Sea

Metal Slug 2/X

  1. Drifting in Desert
  2. Monument of Depression
  3. Madrigal of Wind
  4. Return to Hong-Kong
  5. Kiss in the Dark
  6. I Wish to Believe in Love

Metal Slug 3

  1. A Couple's Love Land
  2. Wandering at Midnight
  3. Eyes Over the Waves
  4. Tombstone of Sand
  5. All About Love

Metal Slug 4

  1. Let's Run Through!
  2. Show Spirit
  3. Snowy Road
  4. Cadaverous
  5. Go Ahead!
  6. Secret Place

Metal Slug 5

  1. Heavy African
  2. Windy Day
  3. Intrigue
  4. Run Through
  5. Last Ditch Resistance

Metal Slug 6

  1. African Winds
  2. The Illusion of El Dorado
  3. Asian Impact
  4. Golden Bridge is Falling Down
  5. Ancient Law

Metal Slug 7/XX

  1. Scrap Island
  2. Coal Mine
  3. Underground Fortress
  4. The Waterfall
  5. Ruins Base
  6. Snowy Country
  7. The Beginning is the End

Metal Slug Advance

  1. Mission 1
  2. Mission 2
  3. Mission 3
  4. Mission 4
  5. Mission 5
  6. Dungeon

Metal Slug 3D

  1. Start from Mountain Village
  2. Be Headquartered in the City
  3. Desert Town
  4. Coal Mine Mark
  5. Underground Ruins
  6. Atmospheric Discharge
  7. Break the Barrier
  8. Sink Under the Waves
  9. The South Pole
  10. Climb the Tower
  11. Shout of Sadness


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