The M-3 Rocket Launch Support Van or shortly known as the Parachuetruck is a large van used by the Rebel Army. It is equipped with several launchers above it that can be used to launch almost anything that can fit inside.


The M-3 Van is used to bombard an area with several volley-bombs, and then are able to deploy Rebel soldiers by launching them with the launchers above it. They then drop down to mop up any remains of the area after being devastated by its rocket barrage.

How to defeat it

The M-3 is a very well armored wall-weapon. As it is very hard to destroy with a pistol, a Heavy Machine Gun can do the work with ease. Also, the rockets that are falling down do not fall at a fast speed, thus it can be shot. The easiest way to destroy it is to just throw grenades, which can be deadly to this vehicle.

In Other Games

Metal Slug Defense

In the 1.29.0 update, the Rocket Van appeared as a defensive unit and got renamed as the "Parachutetruck". It was originally a very overpowered unit, because of its cheap AP (250 AP), relatively quick produce cooldown, very high HP (13'000 HP at Level 30) and ridiculously high attack power.

It got nerfed in the 1.30.0 patch, and this time, the produce cooldown decreased to very slow, the miner's speed to deploy one takes 4 hits to build, and the bombs it fires will now explode upon contact with enemies instead of penetrate through enemies

Metal Slug Attack

It appears again in the 2.0 update, and can be obtained as a reward on the Extra Ops "Power of New Versions" (by completing stages and getting big amounts of points). Now, it cost raised to 440 AP (on bronze frame). Attacks are the same, except for the distance of it special attack, which changed thanks to the 4th Skill.


  • It was based on the German Wurfrahmen 40 German weapons system used in the Second World War (1939–1945).
  • The design itself strongly resembles the German Opel Blitz (1932–1975) Now replaced by the opel Combo, version van derived from the Opel Kadett.
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