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The MH-6S Masknell is an enemy vehicle in the Metal Slug series.


The MH-6S Masknells are light utility helicopters used by the Rebel Army. The Masknells are fast, cheap, reliable, and can pepper the player with their front-mounted machine gun. They usually work in packs and scatter all over to panic the players.

Occasionally, a squadron of five Masknells, headed by a red Regimental Masknell, will fly in a line and make strafing runs at the player. Destroying the red Masknell first will cause the entire helicopter column to crash into each other, netting huge points for the player.


MH-6S Masknell: The original Rebel Army scouting copter.
Regimental MH-6S: A red Masknell leading four other Masknells in a line. Eliminate the Regimental to destroy them all at once.
Ptolemasknell.gif MH-6S ver P.M.: A variant of Masknell created by the Ptolemaic Army. It has 4-barreled machine guns in place of the 35mm gun pods, and the front-mounted machine gun has been removed, which means it can cover more ground than the original. Found in Metal Slug 5.
FutureMasknell.gif MH-6S Ver.F: A blue-colored variant of the Masknell used by the Future Rebels, it is better shielded and its machine gun fires blue projectiles instead of the usual orange. Found in Metal Slug 7/XX.
Golden MH-6S ver. P.M.: Golden version of the Ptolemaic Masknell that can stun and knockback enemies with their explosive bullets. It can also deploy itself at the frontlines. Found in Metal Slug Attack.

Note and Trivia

  • The Masknells are based on the Hughes OH-6 Cayuse and MH-6 Little Bird.
  • The Masknell is usual in that no pilot is seen in the cockpit, giving it an impression of it being unmanned. Metal Slug 3D and Metal Slug Infinity have the pilot visible.
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