MH-6S Masknell is an enemy in the Metal Slug series. It is the rebellion's scout helicopter.


The Masknells are light utility helicopters used by the Rebels. The Masknells are fast, cheap, reliable, and can pepper the player with their miniguns. They usually work in packs in the game, so watch out for them. Occasionally, a squadron of five Masknells, headed by a red "squad leader" copter, will fly in a line and make strafing runs at the player. Destroying the red "squad leader" first will cause the entire helicopter column to crash into each other, netting huge points for the player.

Upgrades and variants

Ptolemaic variant: It uses two guns on its sides instead of just one on the front, which means it can cover more ground than the original.

Future variant: Also brought by the Future Rebels, it is better shielded and fires blue projectiles instead of the usual orange. It is also painted blue.

Commander Variant: Leader of the MH-6J also called Regimental, It usually travels with 4 other Masknells and has a small armor increase.


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