The MV-280B is one of the Rebel light vehicles in the Metal Slug series.


The MV-280B is a variant of the support vehicle MV-280A, made to be an artillery unit for quick attacks. It is still used to carry troops like its predecessor, which led to the discontinuation of the A version.


  • This vehicle can lose its rocket launchers if it were to be shot constantly with a pistol. Once it loses its rockets, it will speed up and attempt to ram the player.
  • In Metal Slug Defense, it appears as a purchasable unit for 60 medals. Its normal attack is to fire two rockets, and its special attack is to charge forward a little bit and fire two rockets.


  • The MV-280B Was based off a 1965 Land Rover Manufactured under license in Spain by the Factor Santana in Linares (Jaen), or on the Russian UAZ-469.
  • Its function and firing mechanism resembles to that of the real-life mobile ATGM platforms, albeit the rockets are unguided.
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