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The MV-280B is one of the Rebel Army's light vehicles in the Metal Slug series.


The MV-280B is a variant of the support vehicle MV-280A made to be an artillery unit for quick attacks. It is still used to carry troops like its predecessor which led to the discontinuation of the "A" version.

The player can destroy the MV-280B's rocket launchers directly. Once it loses its rockets, it will speed up and attempt to ram the player.

In Other Games

Metal Slug Defense

The MV-280B appears as a purchasable unit for 60 medals. Its normal attack is to fire two rockets, and its special attack is to charge forward a little bit and fire two rockets.

Metal Slug Attack

The MV-280B was originally an unplayable enemy unit, but it makes a comeback as a rare boss and playable unit in the "Return of Hope" Extra Ops. The playable version is much faster and aggressive than the enemy unit. Its normal attack is simply ramming the enemy, and its special attack is ramming then firing 6 rockets.

The MV-280B and the Hi-Do Mk III make up the Convoy Guard team.


MV-280B: The original variant.
MV-280B MKII: A dark green colored variant. Its has reinforced armor and suspecion ability, and it shots guided rockets guided to the enemy. Appears in Metal Slug Attack.


  • Just like all MV-280 variants, MV-280B is apparently based on the Russian UAZ-469 and the front fascia appears similar to a Toyota Land Cruiser FJ55 .
  • Its function and firing mechanism resembles to that of the real-life mobile ATGM platforms, albeit the rockets are unguided.
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