The MV-280C is one of the rebel vehicles in Metal Slug. It resembles a WWII-era American Jeep.

Its top surface seems to be springy, so the player may utilize this fact for a way to destroy them. Their main attack is the machine gun mounted on its hood, which fires several rounds at the player. It will also attempt to run over the player to cause death.


  • In Metal Slug 6, you will encounter this on mission 3, ironically after the Rebel Army made an alliance with the Regular Army to defeat the Invaders. Presumably the driver might have been controlled by flying parasites.
  • In Metal Slug 7, it only appears in Mission 6, and even then on only one segment of the mission. Still, they do pose a credible threat if one is not careful.
  • Its mounted guns resembles either the Japanese Type 99 or Czech-British Bren, due to its top-fed magazine appearance.
  • The Future Variant of the MV-280C appears exclusively in Metal Slug Defense and unlike the original it lacks the charging attack, but fire blue bullets similar to the Future MH6s instead.
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