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The MV-280C is a Rebel vehicle introduced in Metal Slug 6.


The MV-280C is the latest in the MV-280 series of jeeps. The jeep's overall design is the same, including its bouncy top surface, but it now has a machine gun mounted on its hood which fires several rounds at the player. Like all MV-280s, it can trample over players.

The MV-280C is first encountered in Mission 3, oddly after the Rebel Army made an alliance with the Regular Army to defeat the Invaders. Presumably the drivers might have been controlled by Flying Parasites found within the mission. It also appears in Mission 6 of Metal Slug 7/XX on only one segment of the mission.


MV-280C: The original machine gun jeep.
MV280C VER F.png
MV-280C Ver F.: A Future variant where, unlike the original, it lacks the charging attack, but fires a rapid round of blue bullets. Appears in Metal Slug Defense.


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