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The Maggots are recurring enemies in the Metal Slug series.


These creatures can survive in any kind of place and reproduce extremely fast. They are always found in great numbers and will sacrifice themselves by spitting out their acidic body fluids if they sense danger for their colony. Maggots come in a variety of colors and each subspecies have their own attacks.

In Metal Slug Defense and Metal Slug Attack, a Miner places the maggot pile in the same manner as any other stationary unit. According to their description, their size are as of the average human's face.


MS3Maggots.gif White Maggot: The original variant. They appear in the fourth mission of Metal Slug 3 in the underground mutants route. They attack by spitting a lethal acid.
MS5Maggots.gif Purple Maggot: A purple variant that appears in Metal Slug 5 inside the ruins of the first mission. They also appear in the final mission being launched by the Mammoth Tower. These maggots attack by spitting a fiery liquid that burns the player if made contact with it.
MS7Maggots.gif Orange Maggot: An orange variant that appears in Metal Slug 7/XX. Their deadly acid does not have any special properties, so the player uses their standard death animation.
MaggotAtk.gif White Maggot (Advance): A maggot that appears in Metal Slug Advance. They attack by spitting a very poisonous gas in which, unlike the rest of the maggots, doesn't kill them in the process.
InvaderMaggot.gif Invader Maggot: A gray variation that appears in Metal Slug 6 when being spat out by the Invader Squad or tossed from the Invader Squad's blown up insides. Unlike the other maggots, it lacks a face. When they are near to the player, they start to expand and change into a bright reddish color until they explode.
PoisonMaggot.gif Poison Maggot: A variant of maggots that have mutated to become poisonous. These are also spawns of the Poison Caterpillar. Appears in Metal Slug Attack.
Maggot Tower: A group of six maggot colonies (purple, white and what appears to be yellow) that have united together to form a disgusting mass. Due to the presence of numerous colonies, it is capable of moving as a whole (whereas individual colonies seem to be unable to). It launches maggots from both itself and drops them from above to attack enemies. As it consists of different maggot colonies, they are capable of poisoning and incapacitating enemies by weakening their strength, stunning and preventing them from using their special attacks. Appears in Metal Slug Attack.


  • When Big Snail, Maggot and Giant Caterpillar's acid hits a male character, his flesh dissolves into nothing but bones. If the acid hits a female her clothes dissolve and leave the rest of her body unharmed for a bit before dissolving completely, thus allowing her chest (or her butt, if hit while jumping) to be seen bare for a moment.
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