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The Man Eaters are minor plant-based enemies found in Metal Slug 3 and Metal Slug 7.


Born after a failed experiment resulting from Rebel forces releasing their genetically toxic chemicals on plants, these voracious vegetables became ambulatory and carnivorous, capable of swallowing a human in one bite. In Metal Slug 3 and 7, the Man Eater will attack by striking out towards the player and attempting to eat them, resulting in the loss of a life. The Man Eater is also capable of eating more than 1 player in one attack. Sometimes instead of dying by being shoot, a Man Eater will transform into a tall plant with a bud which will spit deadly spores. Direct contact with one of these spores will turn the soldier into a mass of vines as they die. Otherwise if it contacts solid ground, a new Man Eater will grow from it. The spores can be destroyed.


Maneater.gif Man Eater: The original incarnation, created by the Rebel Army.
Man Eater Arche: A Man Eater imbued with ancient energy and colored purple. Though they are incapable of reproducing as quickly compared to the original, they can take additional punishment, and upon their first "death" they'll transform into a tall plant and send out an indestructible seed which grows into another plant, although this one will die for good when killed a second time. Appears in Metal Slug Attack.
Golden Man Eater: A Man Eater created by the Amadeus Syndicate and used by their Golden Hazmat Soldiers. They are much more durable than the original and Arche variants. However, due to being created in a lab and not being naturally found in the wild, they are incapable of reproducing, as the Hazmat soldier deploys them into battle with rolling balls.


  • They were based on horror movies like Little Shop of Horrors.
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