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The Mars Satellite, also known as UFO, is an unmanned UFO-like satellite used by the Martians in Metal Slug.


The remotely controlled spacecrafts are a faster variant of the Mini-UFO, the Martian spacecraft. They attack by firing a laser beam from their bottom, which takes some time to charge but cross the screen at an impressive speed. Unlike the Mini-UFO, they aren't able to warp.

In Metal Slug Attack, the original version has yet to be playable again, new variants make their debut.


Mars Satellite: The original unmanned Martian satellite.
Golden UFO: A golden UFO taked over by the Invaders. It has been modified to follow to the enemy for shoot with laser beam and given the ability to heal allied units. Appears in Metal Slug Attack.


  • They are based on the Nazi UFOs.
  • In Mission 3 of Metal Slug, when Allen is defeated, sometimes a UFO can be seen. It also can be seen in the game's Final Mission, after Morden collapses the bridge.

The UFO in MS1

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