Menace Out of the Skies is the thirty-fifth mission in Metal Slug: 2nd Mission. One prisoner exists in this stage.

Mission Synopsis

Gimlet boards the Slug Flyer and flies over a Rebel base to reach the Rebel Fortress. While still going to the same destination as Gimlet, Red Eye takes a wrong Slug again. The final Slug Flyer mission, all enemies are more aggressive than usual. The mission ends with a fight with the Rebel Airplane.

Destruction of the Slug Flyer instantly ends the mission and is considered Incomplete. If this occurs during the boss fight, then a Game Over appears.

Pre-mission Call


Success! I’m at the checkpoint now & sank the enemy. Things are hopping here. Is something underway?
Secret Rebel Base site is confirmed. Nearby squads are to unite there.
Roger! I’m heading there in Slug Flyer!
Hold on! The flyer must go to the fortress directly.

Red Eye

I’ve landed! What! Hey, this is a government base! A whole rebel base has defected? No one told me about this news!
You idiot! You hothead! This Slug Sub you got into… is the #2 sub to the wrong base. While you were enjoying a cruise, a formal attack came through, from IHQ against the Rebel base. Now head for the meeting point. Use the Slug Flyer there! And no mistakes!
Whoa boy, did I get scolded good. If it’s #2, then say #2. Really! Tell me what’s what beforehand! I understand. No more mistakes. Now, to take…… the #1 flyer to the meeting point.
Wait, fool! It’s #2! Take #2! Red Eye! Red Eye!


  • Mission Incomplete: Proceed to Mission 36 (The Jet Stream).
  • Mission Complete: Proceed to Mission 37 (Lone Assault).