The Metal Claw is a vehicle used in Metal Slug 4.


The Metal Claw is a vehicle which almost resembles the T-2B Melty Honey (Metal Claw is blue, enterable tank, and has vulcan cannon when regular army hijacked it). This tank is designed to move along with other tanks and provide support fire.The slug's secondary weapon is explosive guided rockets which most slugs have low-pressured cannons. Seen in Metal Slug 4 Mission 2 and Mission 5 (in two-player mode), the Metal Claw has a front plate that should provide 3 direct hits before collapsing and exposing the chassis. This is the player-controlled vehicle that may take highest number of hits before being destroyed (While most of the other slugs may take up to 3 or 4 hits, Metal Crow may take up to 6 hits at most.)


  • Like M-15A Bradley, Metal Claw has no invincibility frame while the player jumps into or out of it. While player jumps out of Metal Crow, the player is invincible while Metal Claw takes damage.
  • Like M-15A Bradley, Metal Claw is a player-controlled vehicle that is stolen from the rebel's army by killing the rebel driver.
  • It appears in Metal Slug Tactics, but has the same features than the T-2B Melty Honey ridden by a rebel soldier, just has a blue repaint.
  • It also appears in Metal Slug Defense as a purchase unit.
    • In Metal Slug Defense, Bradley Slug had a less HP than original variant. (Bradley Slug had 8500 HP at level 30, but Melty Honey had 10000 HP at level 30.)


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