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The Metal Device Project is a secret weapons project in development by the Regular Army.


The Metal Device Project is a weapons project in development by the Regular Army to create new soldiers for the battlefield. Sophia is the head of this project. Other known members working with the project are Molly and Maggie.

The "Metal Device" is a suit which is held by a metal frame and strengthened with synthetic muscle tissues that are equal to an archdemon's. This grants the wearer inhuman strength and durability, despite the lack of armor in several spots as shown with most of its wielders' illustrations.

As it is in its prototype stage, it connects to the nervous system of its wearer, meaning that only very few are capable of using it. The odds of compatibility are extremely low, typically one in a thousand potential candidates. The drawback of using the system is that the user will feel incredibly hungry, eating much more than what a normal human would typically eat.

Caroline, inspired by the Metal Device Project, created a suit similar to the ones in use by its members, though it is more armored, suitable for close and long range encounters, and provides protection against disabling attacks. Currently, only one suit is in production, operated by Josette. Whether it shares the same drawbacks as the P.F variant remains unknown, but it requires immense strength and stamina in order to be used.

Known Candidates

Perche Idle.png
Perche: Has a cheery personality and wants to be a hero. Carries a Vulcan cannon into battle, which she can further empower by calling in an ammunition pack.
Ami Idle.png
Ami: She lacks self-confidence and is rather shy. Carries a powerful version of the Thunder Shot into battle.
MSAUnit M.D.P.S-Mz 3.png
Menzel: She lost her right arm and a friend in combat. She uses her artificial arm which fires a powerful long-range ray blast.
Ulala Launcher Idle.png
Ulala: Her parents are part of the project. She typically uses a small rifle, but can call in a gigantic rocket launcher if needed.
Avvio Idle.png
Avvio: He's confident in his agility, ability to use a gun and his looks. He uses a gun that can shoot out Thunder Energy Bullets.
Quaith: She pilots a Tail Slug for combat.


  • Variants of the Metal Device Project's suit are alternated between members, as shown with Ami's frame, which is used by both Perche and Ulala while on special ops. Similarly, Ami uses Perche's frame when out on special ops.

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