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The Metal Rear is the first boss in Metal Slug 5 and the second boss in Metal Slug Revolution.


The Metal Rear is a gigantic Slug created by the Ptolemaic Army using data stolen from the Regular Army. It is capable of moving nimbly despite its gigantic size.[1]


Metalrearanim.gif Metal Rear MK I: Found in Metal Slug 5. This is the original version.

Metal rear mk 2.png

Metal Rear MK II Yellow.png

Metal Rear MK II: This variant only found in Metal Slug Revolution (alongside another yellow version with a lightning turret), it has the same attacks but stronger armor.
Metal Rear EX MSA idle.gif Metal Rear EX: Another variant of the Metal Rear, it is colored green and shares a similar moveset to the original version. It appears in Metal Slug Attack.
Space Metal Rear: Another variant developed by Caroline, it is effective at dealing with Invaders. It shares a similar moveset to the EX version, and its treads can also stop weak projectiles. Appears in Metal Slug Attack.
Golden Metal Rear EX: Another variant of the Metal Rear, it is colored gold but instead of firing a burning cannon shell it fires a large rolling cannon ball. Appears in Metal Slug Attack.


Metal Rear in-game.

The Metal Rear attacks by firing its oversized Vulcan, launching fireballs from its main cannon, or crushing the player beneath its enormous treads. The Metal Rear can slam an SV-001 and instantly destroy it, even when it is idle and unused. Once the Metal Rear receives sufficient damage, it performs a wheelie, moving towards the player slowly while shooting constantly from its Vulcan.

During the battle POWs aid the player by providing a Heavy Machine Gun, Rocket Launcher, or Grenades.

In Other Games

Metal Slug Revolution

In Metal Slug Revolution, the Metal Rear MK II moves faster while continuing to use its Vulcan, main cannon, and wheelie in an attempt to crush the player. its Vulcan fires a spread of 4 bullets, and its main cannon fires rapidly in the direction the player is standing (up to 8 shells total). It will also occasionally run up to the player in an attempt to ram them and sometimes call a plane (possibly a Hairbuster Riberts) to drop parabombs or support soldiers.

Metal Slug Defense

Prior to the 1.19.0 update, Metal Rear is the toughest unit in game, with 18750 HP at Level 30, before its record being broken by Brain Robot and Rootmars. The Metal Rear is also the second toughest and second most expensive unit in the Ptolemaic Army.

Originally, the BGM used while battling the Metal Rear was "Heavy African". This was eventually fixed by swapping it with "Fierce Battle" in the 1.30.0 update.

Metal Slug Attack

The Metal Rear returns as a Super Rare unit. Parts can be found for this unit in Attack! mode Elite Stage 14-5 or by using the appropriate Crank. Multiple variants are introduced.


  • Its name is a reference to the Metal Gear series.
  • The Metal Rear (and the entire first mission) is listed as the 4th boss in its official concept art. The game's debug level select refers to it as the 3rd boss.


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