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Metal Slug: 2nd Mission is a run and gun video game for the Neo-Geo Pocket Color handheld platform published by SNK. It was released in 2000 in both Japan and North America. The game was developed by Ukiyotei.


From the Metal Slug 10th Anniversary website page:

The success of the so-called first mission where the Special Forces Squad Peregrine Falcons saw battle has fallen down the memory hole, but new intel wends its way to the Government Forces. It seems the Special Strike Force "Phantom," led by the rebel army's Lt. Colonel Macba, has begun a campaign of insurgency and has taken many Government Forces soldiers hostage. Subsequent to that, an even more shocking truth is revealed. The Rebel Army has made contact with aliens and is proceeding with the development of weapons employing unknown technology. The situation is now critical!! There's only one option left: lay siege to the enemy base single-handedly and rescue the hostages!


Metal Slug: 2nd Mission features a similar gameplay and forked mission structure as its predecessor. Differences from the two games (seen below) consist of player control, different weapon types, and reworked mission routing from destroyed slugs. The main story revolves around two soldiers codenamed Gimlet and Red Eye, each one having their own plots that are interconnected.

Alongside the returning SV-000 (now in its second prototype phase) and Slug Flyer, a new vehicle called the Slug Sub, which is a small submarine used in the game's new underwater missions, is introduced. The Slug Sub fires torpedoes, mines, and homing missiles depending whether its underwater or submerged. Destruction of the Slug Sub leads to a mission where the player rafts on an Emergency Boat.

Differences from Metal Slug: 1st Mission

  • The number of missions have more than doubled: thirty-eight (plus eight time attack missions) compared to the first game's seventeen.
  • Two characters are selectable, both having their own mission routes and exclusive weapons. A third character can be unlocked by clearing every mission, and he can access all weapons and missions by level select (at the cost of starting the mission over if he dies).
  • Grenades are thrown by the press of the Option button. Beforehand, the player would've tapped the Option button once to switch between their weapons and grenades.
  • The player cannot jump on the heads of Rebels anymore.
  • The player can slide grenades along the ground when crouching.
  • The life meter is now segmented rather than a gauge (up to five hits), and each enemy always deal one point of damage. However, the life meter can no longer be extended in this game.
  • Player ranks were previously increased by collecting Rank Medals or by reaching a score milestone. In this game, the process is done by rescuing POWs. The POWs are unique to each other in both name and appearance, and they can provide hints to the player if the latter's rank is at or higher than the former.
  • Destruction of the SV-000 continues the mission as normal instead of sending the player to Prison Camp. They are still sent to a different mission if the SV-000 is destroyed.
  • Destruction of the Slug Flyer immediately ends the mission to a new route. The parachute drop is replaced with the Drop Pack.
  • The player has a set number of retries that can be increased every 20,000 points. In 1st Mission, a retry costs ten coins.
  • The player becomes invulnerable when the boss is exploding or the player reaches to a character goal. This is to prevent deaths in mission clears that occurred in 1st Mission.
  • Super Devil Mode is now an optional mode called Hero Mode; it's unlocked by rescuing all 100 POWs and then pressing down at the character select screen. Instead of permanent invulnerability, the player is limited to one hit point but is able to toss an infinite amount of grenades and wears punching gloves that can destroy enemies in one punch.


Button On-Foot SV-000 Proto 2 Slug Flyer Slug Sub
A Fire/Melee Vulcan Vulcan/Missile Torpedo
B Jump Jump Bomb Mine (Underwater)

Homing Missile (Submerged)

Tap Option Grenade Cannon
Hold Option Pause Pause Pause Pause
Down+Tap Option Slide Grenades
Down+A+B Metal Slug Attack

Playable Characters

BarracksA MS2ndM.png
Gimlet: A P.F. Squad recruit sent to investigate info about a new insurgence by the Rebel Army. He uses the Shotgun, Rocket Launcher, and Grenade Gun.
BarracksB MS2ndM.png
Red Eye: Member of what would later be known as S.P.A.R.R.O.W.S, she is sent to investigate info about UFO sightings related to the Rebel Army. She uses the Fire Gun, Bazooka, and Missile Pod.
BarracksC MS2ndM.png
Tequila: A secret agent specialized in POW rescue; he disguises himself as a Rebel. He is unlocked after completing all thirty-eight missions. He is able to use every weapon and select any mission.

Missions and Bosses

Below are all 38 missions in Metal Slug: 2nd Mission. Tequila can access all missions plus the three entrances of Mission 31 at any time without starting the game from the beginning. Visit Gimlet and Red Eye's pages for more details on their mission routes.

Mission Name
1 The Front Line 7 "Big Bertha" Yes Yes
2 Invasion 2 Yes No
3 Dire Straits 0 No Yes
4 Dangerous Descent 0 Yes No
5 Battlefield Bridge 0 No Yes
6 Turbulent Transmissions 4 Yes Yes
7 Fatal Express 1 Yes Yes
8 War-Torn City 3 Terrain Carrier Yes No
9 Shot Down 0 Yes Yes
10 Terrain Carrier 5 Terrain Carrier No Yes
11 Camouflage 10 Yes No
12 Save All Hostages! 9 No Yes
13 Hostage Rescue 8 Yes No
14 Reckless Reactor 9 Rebel Reactor Yes No
15 Into the Fray 6 Rebel Reactor No Yes
16 Intelligence 2 Yes No
17 Contact 3 No Yes
18 Pursuit 2 Hyakutaro (secret)
Yes No
19 Betrayal 3 No Yes
20 The Enemy Below 0 "Rebel Submarine" No Yes
21 Deadly Assault 1 Yes No
22 One Fell Stroke 0 No Yes
23 The Tundra King 1 Tani Oh Yes No
24 The Ice Queen 1 Tani Oh No Yes
25 Free Fall 0 Yes Yes
26 Decoy Strategy 0 Wired Yes No
27 The Desert 5 Yes No
28 Unearthly Silence 0 Yes No
29 Close Combat 1 "Rebel Blimp" No Yes
30 Crossed Paths 8 Yes Yes
31 The Fortress 5 Macba Yes Yes
32 Ocean Depths 0 "Rebel Submarine" Yes Yes
33 Breakthrough 0 Yes Yes
34 The Stronghold 2 Power Generators Yes Yes
35 Menace Out of the Skies 1 "Rebel Airplane" Yes Yes
36 The Jet Stream 0 Yes Yes
37 Lone Assault 1 Macba (secret)
Hilde Garn's Slug
Yes Yes
38 Termination 0 "Rebel Rocket"
"Rocket UFO"
Yes Yes


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