Metal Slug 2 (メタルスラッグ 2) is a run and gun video game for the Neo-Geo console/arcade platform created by SNK. It was released in 1998 for the MVS arcade platform and is the sequel to the popular Metal Slug: Super Vehicle-001. It is the second title in the Metal Slug series. An improved version of the game, called Metal Slug Xreduces the original's notorious slowdown while adding new weapons and enemies into the series.

Metal Slug 2 was re-released for the Wii's Virtual Console in North America on December 1, 2008 at a cost of 900 Wii Points. This also released on Mobile platforms (Android/iOS) On April 14, 2016, MS2 was released on Steam for $6.99 (or regional equivalent).


General Morden, the antagonist from the first game is back once more with his army, bent on taking over the world. It is up to the Peregrine Falcon squad, who are now joined by two new characters: Eri Kasamoto and Fio Germi of the Sparrows Intelligence Unit, to save the day. As the levels unfold, it turns out that Morden has allied with Martians to help facilitate his plans. In the final level of the game, the tables are turned when Morden comes under attack and is betrayed by his Martian allies and he is taken prisoner by them. An ad-hoc alliance is formed between the Peregrine Falcon squad and General Morden's army to combat the greater alien threat. After a long battle, they succeed in defeating the Martians' Mothership, driving them off the Earth.

【PS2】メタルスラッグ2 - FULL GAMEPLAY

【PS2】メタルスラッグ2 - FULL GAMEPLAY

Metal Slug 2 full gameplay video

New features

Vehicles and weapons

Metal Slug 2 added new weapons to the player's arsenal. A single shot from the Laser Gun is capable of killing a column of infantry, and sustained fire quickly destroyed vehicles. Fire Bomb found in the second level help to clear away mummies. Armor Piercing give the Metal Slug cannon shot that only fire straight when engaging enemy vehicles.

The game also included more fighting vehicles. Though just as susceptible to enemy fire as the Metal Slug, these vehicles provided alternate modes of transportation, and advantages associated with each.

  • The Camel Slug is simply a Vulcan cannon mounted onto a camel. The rider is elevated and still vulnerable to enemy fire, but has improved movement. (Using the Suicide Attack does not cause the Camel Slug to explode like its sister vehicles.)
  • To help fight a boss that crawls up a tower, the Slugnoid armored frame is capable of leaping to great heights. Its cannon is pointed downward, to assail the enemy below. Twin Vulcan cannons provide plenty of fire, but are stripped with each hit the Slugnoid takes.
  • The Slug Flyer is a VTOL jet fighter. It fires powerful air-to-air missiles at its targets, and its Vulcan Cannon is designed to fire upon forward targets. Another player can "wing-walk", or ride on top of the plane.

Character transformations

Metal Slug 2 introduced the ability into the franchise for characters to transform into different variants during the course of the game. The first transformation is one into a mummy during the second mission of the game. Any hit from the purple tinged attacks of the mummy-variants or potions dropped by bats will trigger the transformation. This causes a drastic reduction in player movement speed and loss of any special weapon. Mummified characters hold only a pistol, which they fire at a rate of half as fast as normal, and they take time to toss a grenade. Players can not use the knife when transformed. Another hit by purple mist will cause the player, transformed as the mummy, to burn in a purple flame and die. There are antidotes hidden throughout the level and dropped by enemies and prisinors that can restore the player to human form.

Also introduced in this game was the ability to become obese. This transformation is gained, logically, by the acquirement of many food items during a single game-life. Once enough food is obtained the announcer yells "Uh-oh, big!," and the character is radically transformed. Movement speed is slowed, but every weapon's attack is altered: melee attacks are changed from a knife to a fork (belt whip if sitting), grenades are changed to larger cherry-style bombs, and the current weapon is replaced with a version that has larger bullets and may have its properties altered. If a diet-powder canister is found, enough time passes without picking up any food items, or the player is killed, the player(s) will revert to their former average-girth selves.

Supporting characters

Metal Slug 2 is the first game in the series to provide characters to help the players in battle. The first is Hyakutaro Ichimonji, a prisoner who, when rescued, will fight alongside the player who saved him, throwing Hadoken balls at enemies, or roundhouse kicking them if they manage to get within melee range. Also appearing is Sergeant Rumi Aikawa, a Regular Army supplier who lacks a sense of direction, earning her the title "The Wandering Ghost"; she carries a huge, overstuffed backpack and drops items (more are dropped if the backpack is shot).An unlimited number of Rebel Infantry and a few Giridia-O's will assist you in the final fight against Rugname. The ending is remarkably similar to the ending of Independence Day in which a plane kamikazes into the alien mothership's laser as it powers up.

Stages and Bosses

1 Drifting in DesertMosque ArtilleryThe KeesiJudgement
2 Monument of Depression Aeshi NeroPrehistoric Site
The Cenotaph
3 Madrigal of Wind Dragon NosukeLivin' on the Deck
4 Return to Hong-KongDouble-Decker BusBig ShieeBack to the China
5 Kiss in the DarkSubwayHozmiNew Godokin Street
Kiss in the Dark
6 I Wish to Believe in LoveAllen O'NeilDai-Manji
Assault Theme
First Contact


Home versions

Home versions of Metal Slug 2 were released for the Neo Geo AES console (released on April 1998) and the Neo Geo CD (released on June 1998). The Neo Geo CD version features an exclusive "Combat School" mode (similar to the Neo Geo CD version of the previous game) where the player can play new versions of previously-played stages with new objectives.

Metal Slug X

A revised version of Metal Slug 2, titled Metal Slug X, was released on March 1999 for the Neo Geo MVS. Metal Slug X introduces a few new elements to the Metal Slug 2 game system. New weapons and items are added, such as the "Iron Lizard" and the "Drop Shot". The enemy placement and bosses were re-arranged as well. Metal Slug X also added more food items in all the stages, thus allowing the player to "go big" in any of the stages, not just Stage 4 like in Metal Slug 2.

Metal Slug X was ported to the Neo Geo AES (May 1999) and the PlayStation (January 2001). The PlayStation version was released in North America and the PAL region by Agetec. The PlayStation version features the same Combat School mode previously featured in the Neo Geo CD versions of the first two games.

Metal Slug X was released during the development of Metal Slug 3 and was built using Metal Slug 3's engine. The game solved 80% of all the bugs, glitches and slowdown that Metal Slug 2 had, and even changed the daytime of most of the levels. Bosses were also placed into more suitable positions and even more enemies were added to the final mission making it even more difficult than before.

Later releases

Both, Metal Slug 2 and Metal Slug X, are featured in the Metal Slug Anthology released for the PlayStation Portable, PlayStation 2 and Wii. The games featured in this compilation are all emulations of the original MVS/AES cartridges and lack the "Combat School" mode featured in the Neo Geo CD and PlayStation versions of the games. Metal Slug 2 has recently been released for the Wii virtual console, mobile platforms (Android/I-OS), and on Steam.

Original Soundtrack

Main article: Metal Slug 2 Original Soundtrack

Bugs and Glitches

The arcade version of the game contains the boss-freezing bug in the second stage. The boss stops climbing and freezes perfectly dead when successfully activated. Players often exploit this infamous flaw to net the most points out of it with little effort( attacking the boss solely with the default weapon pistol). The problem has been fixed in Metal Slug X however. For more details, see

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