Metal Slug 4 (メタルスラッグ4) is a run and gun video game for the Neo-Geo console/arcade platform created by SNK. It was released in 2002 for the MVS arcade platform and is the fourth game in the main Metal Slug series.

Metal Slug 4 retains the same gameplay as previous titles, with the addition of some new enemies, bosses, weapons, several new vehicles and a new bonus combo system. It was later ported to Microsoft Xbox and Sony PlayStation 2 along with Metal Slug 5 as a compilation.


One year after the events of Metal Slug 3 and Metal Slug 6, the world is trembling under the new threat of a mysterious but deadly cyber virus that threatens to attack and destroy any nation's military computer system. With Tarma and Eri unable to help due to their own assignments in the matter, Marco and Fio are called in to investigate the situation and are joined by two newcomers, Nadia and Trevor. In their investigation, the group discovers that a terrorist organization known as Amadeus Syndicate is behind the nefarious plot and they head into battle against Amadeus' forces, hoping to destroy the cyber virus before it gets the chance to wipe out the entire world's military computer system

The group's journey starts off in a city where there have been reports of Rebel activities occurring, so they investigate it to find out if the reports are true.
【PS2】メタルスラッグ4 - FULL GAMEPLAY

【PS2】メタルスラッグ4 - FULL GAMEPLAY

Metal Slug 4 full gameplay video

New Features

  • New Characters: Tarma and Eri are downgraded to NPCs. Replacing them are newcomers Trevor Spacey and Nadia Cassel. They both sport different melee weapons to attack: Trevor kicks enemies using his Knife Boots while Nadia wields the Stun Gun.
  • Two Machine Guns: Allows players to carry two sub-machine guns with rapid firing. However, the 2H crates are very rare in the game and only have 200 shots like the Heavy Machine Gun. Marco, Trevor, and Fio have unique victory animations should they complete a mission with a 2H in hand.
  • Monkey Transformation: In Mission 1 and Mission 6, there are scientists with rifles. These aren't loaded with bullets but a special chemical shot that transforms characters into monkeys similar to Utan. Players gain a much stronger jumping ability and are able to hang on the bars over their heads. Their pistol also turns into an Uzi. A disadvantage of being a monkey is one cannot pickup any other weapon, and they move slow. Players can be transformed back into human form by picking up an antidote dropped by scientists. Players who are hit by another chemical shot or by the attacks of the Rebels while in monkey form will die.
  • Metallish System: By collecting a White or Blue Emblem, a blue bar appears under their score. The character who picked it up can earn medals by defeating enemies, and these medals change color as the combo increases. Bonus points are given depending on the number of colored medals saved at the end of a mission. Note that this fever stops when boarding a Slug.

New Slugs

Returning from the previous game are the SV-001 and Slugnoid. Four new vehicles make their debut:

  • M-15A Bradley: First appeared in MS2 as an enemy rocket shooting vehicle, it is equipped with powerful rocket shots and a Vulcan cannon like the Slugs. Players can use it after killing the enemy soldier inside of a blue colored Bradley. However, this vehicle has a very short jumping range and crouches much slower than the other vehicles, and lacks invincibility frames from enemy damage to an in-game glitch.
  • Metal Crow: First appeared in MS1 as the "Melty Honey" under the control of the Rebel soldiers. It appears with the Bradley in Mission 2 in a two-player game and at Mission 5 alongside the Forklift. Like the Bradley, the Metal Crow is colored blue. It uses a Vulcan and high speed missiles. It is equipped with a blade-covered shield that protects the tank for five hits and also shreds enemies.
  • Walking Machine: Mechanical version of the Mutated Soldiers from Metal Slug 2/X which appears in Mission 5. Much like the animal Slugs in the previous games, it provides no protection to the player. The Walking Machine has a slightly better jumping ability, and its slight lift allows weapons, such as a rolling bomb, to go under the player without harm.
  • Forklift: Appears in Mission 5 with the Metal Crow. Like the Drill Slug from MS3, it can lift itself up by pressing the jump button. It can stab enemies with the fork at the front by pressing the bomb button (plus, it destroys enemy vehicles with one hit). The Forklift does not have a Vulcan cannon; rather, the player uses whatever weapon they have. The player is always exposed to enemy attacks.

The players also take assistance of three different Regular Army vehicles:

  • RA-TTT: A Regular Army truck that transports the players to the next mission. Tarma helps the players inside of the truck at the top route of Mission 1.
  • Landseek: A Regular Army version appears in Mission 2 ridden by a POW. Both characters ride on top of it during a rail-shooter section. They cannot fall off the vehicle from the sides until the POW stops driving.
  • Regular Army Helicopter: A blue-colored Hi-Do mandated by Eri. In Mission 6, the characters descend using ropes connected to the helicopter. In this state, the players act as if they were scuba diving, so they cannot aim up or down. They also move slower horizontally than vertically.


Development history

Metal Slug 4 is product of a joint-venture between Mega Enterprise, a Korean game publishing and distribution company, and Noise Factory, a Japanese company focusing on creating musical scores.

When SNK declared bankruptcy, Mega Enterprise still retained its rights to distribute several of SNK's titles within Korea. Mega went a step further by acquiring the authorization to continue to produce several of SNK's titles, primarily the Metal Slug series, which was very popular in South Korea.

Since Mega Enterprise did not have the technical expertise to produce a game from scratch, they grouped together with Noise Factory, which helped to make the soundtrack of the game and several programming and design concepts. After spending approximately 400 million won (approximately US$ 400,000), Metal Slug 4 was finally released in December 2002.

Bugs, Glitches, and Oddities

  • The "Bradley Slug" has a glitch in which it doesn't become invincible after being hit, unlike other Slugs. This makes it very vulnerable, especially to the MH-6J Masknell, which can fire 3 shots at once.
  • The death screams of zombiefied Marco and Trevor are switched. When Marco dies in the zombified state, he screams with Trevor's voice, while zombified Trevor uses Marco's death scream when he dies.
  • Fio uses Eri's death scream in this game.
  • Both new characters have glitches with their melee attacks:
    • Trevor mobility is massively hindered while he is performing it which makes him vulnerable.
    • Nadia will only score 100 points from a melee attack while standing (which awards 500 points for every other character). Nadia scores 500 points only when a melee attack is done while sitting or crouching. Her Stun Gun can also damage an enemy vehicles and other destructible objects.
  • Nadia's sprite has a glitch when performing a standing melee attack while equipped with the Two Machine Guns. The glitch causes Nadia's upper half to move back, almost separating from her legs, and comes back when melee attack is finished.
  • Trevor and Nadia's weapon muzzles are colored differently. Trevor's muzzle is white while Nadia's is red.


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