Metal Slug Advance is a run and gun video game for the Game Boy Advance handheld system created by SNK Playmore in 2004, and is canon to the Metal Slug series.


A survival training camp for new Peregrine Falcon recruits has just begun, where the recruits must survive on an unnamed island with limited supplies and weaponry. However, a large blimp begins to hover above the island, as General Morden's troops parachute down and attempt to build a new base, while successfully capturing many of the new recruits. Players play as either new recruits Walter Ryan or Tyra Elson as the survival training soon becomes a full-fledged assignment for the remaining recruits as they pierce through enemy lines.


The gameplay is very similar to any other Metal Slug game, but with two new systems; the life system, and the card system. The life system is simply a life bar for players, as it replaces the extra lives from all the other Metal Slug games. As players take damage, the life bar depletes (different attacks cause different amounts of damage). Collecting food items can restore health, and players instantly die from being crushed, or falling down a pit. The Card system is a card collecting part of the game. Cards can be found from shooting certain parts of the background, and by obtaining it from certain hostages, and sometimes by doing both. The cards have many different purposes, from giving detailed info on items and characters from the Metal Slug series to boosting player abilities, and even unlocking special (and new) slugs. There are 100 cards to collect, and collecting them all becomes the main objective to anyone who defeats the final boss.


The Metal Slug, the Slug Flyer, and the Slug Gunner (as an unlockable) make a return in the game. There are also two new slugs which are simply Metal Slug modifications.

Gold SV-001: A light-brown Metal Slug which fires the vulcan gun in reverse (except vertically). This type of vulcan is the same as the Metal Slug Type-R in Metal Slug 3. The Slug in Metal Slug Advance is not the same, however, as the agile, golden Metal Slug in Metal Slug X (which had a normal vulcan). Type-R must be unlocked in order to be used.

Black Hound: A black Ptolemaics Metal Slug that was a secret boss in Metal Slug 5. It has a painted "Devil's Eye" on the side, and an Enemy Chaser gun replacing the vulcan gun. However, this version of the slug has lost it's laser gun, and replaced the shield mortar it fire from the mortar with black Enemy Chasers. It has a firing delay of about half a second. Like the Type-R and Slug Gunner, it must be unlocked in order to be used.

It must be noted that the Slug Mariner was planned for the game, as well as an underwater level, but was removed in the final product (Game hackers can still find the Slug Mariner with the proper programing needed for it to be used in the game).


  • There are no upgraded weapons in this game, but you can get the cards to increase the weapons' damage.
  • The bosses in this game are remakes or different versions of other Metal Slug games.
  • This is the only game in the entire series to not include Marco Rossi .
    • Though the cover of the game shows both him and Eri Kasamoto cheering on both Walter and Tyra. This either means that they were meant to be included the game but got scrapped out or they were meant to be supporting characters to both characters respectively.
  • The game omit violence with no burning soldiers and no blood.
  • There is a typo in the game. When you get Marco's card and read it, it says "Leader of PF squid 1".
  • The Bossfight in X-mas Event of Metal Slug Defense Used all of the Bosses from Metal Slug Advance.
  • Tyra used the Nadia,s sprites reedited with new head


  1. Formor: A slightly bigger green Metal Slug. Shoots vulcan rounds and its cannon and also jumps around smashing whatever it lands on. It is similar to the first boss of Metal Slug 5.
  2. Emain Macha: Two twin tanks that attack with heavy explosives.
  3. Kaladgolg: Drops mines, shoots with a chain gun, and launches a lethal energy beam. It is similar to the boss from Mission 3 of Metal Slug 1.
  4. The Keesi III: Third in the Keesi series. Attacks with turrets, ground troops, and smashes the ground with a rocket.
  5. Cabracan: A machine capable of producing earthquakes. Launches two scout droids, three after explosions, fires arcing energy balls, and bouncing laser shots.




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