The Mine Carts are vehicles used by the Rebel Army in Metal Slug 7 and XX. They serve the purpose of carrying explosives, coal and troops from and to inside the coal mine area of Garbage Island. Some of these carts were modified to attach themselves to other carts (in this case, the Slug Truck carts) and explode themselves.

Mine Carts Types


Cement Carrier: These carts have cement that they drop onto the player just like the Dararin Dara Dara, killing the player at the moment. Some are also immobile, and destroying them can drop items and even POWs.


Mine Carrier: These carry a huge mine that also drop onto the player, exploding and killing him/her.


Troop Carrier: These carts transports Rebel Infantry, in which they sometimes throw grenades to the player, and they can trample the player.


Bomb Cart: These carts link onto the player (if you're using the Slug Truck) and start a 3-second timer before it explodes, so make sure to make it a priority target if it nears and to destroy it quickly if it connects. They can also trample the player.


Rocket Carrier: These carts launch rockets to the player while he/she is fighting against the Crab Mecha, and are also activated by gunfire from the player, but if you're lucky, it will damage the Crab Mecha.

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