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The Miner is a recurring NPC in the Metal Slug series.


The Miners' role in the games they have appeared in seems to have retained for the most part, albeit with the involvement of factions or individuals concerned. An exception of this is in Metal Slug 2/X, where, in an ancient tomb located somewhere in Egypt, they are seen (possibly instructed by Scott Amundsen Jr. himself) excavating for precious relics and artifacts. Misfortune befalls them however as expected, they eventually find nothing valuable of any sort, and moreover, the mummies have been somewhat awakened - or rather disturbed - from their millennial slumber. One unfortunate miner was nearly turned into a mummy save for the miraculous actions of the P.F. team, giving him another chance to dig up loot for another time. The reverse side of this fact will reveal the targeted miner's fate of being turned into a mummy and attacking the player afterward, hinting the mummies' attacks are more fatal and contagious than witnesses seem to speculate.

Two Miners appear in the fourth mission of Metal Slug 4. Here, they are seen digging in front of the "A King's Curse" attraction site. When the player gets near them, they start running into the temple, but they disappear for the rest of the mission upon arriving at the temple.


Although unplayable in-game, Miners can be quite helpful; some of them will unearth bonus items for the player (be it bread, a frog or a jewel). Shooting the Miner's dig spot will reveal further items too.

In Metal Slug Defense and Metal Slug Attack, the miner is the "builder" for stationary units, such as Big John. The miner will automatically build the unit after reaching a specific range, or he can be told to create it earlier by activating his "special attack". The miner will quickly build the unit, indicated with the unit flashing briefly. If the miner takes too much damage while on the way to the build site or constructing it, he will immediately flee and cancel the project.

In Metal Slug Infinity, the Miners, as well as POWs and Mars People, take part of the game's Gold Mine. Leveling up mines increases the gold rate, and unlocking new mines give out more gold. All unlocked mines are concurrent. Returning causes all mines to close up requiring the player to unlock them again. Leveling up specific War Books and units, or returning up to 100 times, increases the mines' gold rate, lowers the time for all mines to give gold, and lowers the amount needed to unlock new mines.


  • In the second mission of Metal Slug 2 and Metal Slug X, in the miners' site before venturing deeper into the ruins, killing the Mummies using the Knife will sometimes reveal to be a transformed Miner. He falls down first, immediately gets up and runs away from view.
  • Miners may have an evidential tie-in with Scott Amundsen Jr. possibly due to his stint as an archaeologist, thereby concluding the fact he is actually the director of the excavation, and all the miners encountered therein are under his orders through some unnamed, or even unofficial, contract.
  • The Miners' appearance near the Mummies route in Metal Slug 4 is a reference to their involvement in Metal Slug 2, given the mummies encountered in the mission.
  • A partial illustration of the Miner can be seen in Special Simon's illustration.
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