The Mini-Sub 88 is a rebel submarine in Metal Slug 3.


The rapid expansion of the Rebel Army meant that they will soon need a vehicle for each differing environments on the earth. After some designing, Rebel engineers came up with the Mini-Sub 88, created to explore and conquer areas underneath the waves. According to Metal Slug 3D's artwork, These tiny submersibles were piloted by 3 Rebel scuba divers. Its larger cousin, U25U however is remotely-operated .

Upgrades and variants

Ptolemaic variant: Slightly faster and bigger than the Rebel's version. Has weaker armor due to optimizing firepower.


  • The Rebel submarine looks like a Delta-class submarine.
  • The Ptolemaic variant might based from a Typhoon-class submarine.
  • Both variants are smaller and less destructive.
  • They appear as minor enemies of the game In The Hunt
  • It appears as White Baby's attack in Metal Slug Attack as an Amadeus Submarine.
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