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Martian spacecraft, officially known as Mini-UFO's are the main attack aircraft of the Mars People.


Martian spacecrafts (Mini-UFO's) are highly mobile, and can spawn out of nowhere and catch you by surprise. While their weapons are slow, many of these appear at the same time to make up for it.

These enemies are found in Metal Slug 2, 3, and X. You will see these toward the last 3 missions. As aerial enemies, they spawn from just about anywhere and can harass you from high in the sky. The final boss of Metal Slug 2 and X can deploy extra-durable mini-UFOs in large numbers.

During the final battle against Rootmars in Metal Slug 3, whichever player character was captured earlier in the mission will pilot a Martian spacecraft and aid the player, firing lasers into Rootmars' brain.

In the final mission of Metal Slug 6, freed Mars People will lend you aid by dropping off power ups and items from their mini-UFOs. Occasionally they will even follow you in their ship and help destroy enemies in that area. Similar to what Hyakutaro use, however, they will leave after a few minutes or if you die.


  • The mini-UFO also made a cameo appearance in the Metal Slug 7/XX credits. However, it also appears in Metal Slug XX in the second secret route at Mission 5 as normal enemies.
  • It also appears in Metal Slug Defense as purchasable unit, but for some reason the pilots are light gray color Mars People.
  • The Mini-UFO is the protagonist of Metal Slug Mars Panic!.
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