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Mizuna is a new character introduced in Metal Slug Attack.

Character Summary

Another ninja from the Far East, Mizuna comes from a ninja village, though whether it is the same as Yoshino and the others remain unknown. He carries the hope of his village with him to take down his first target; Yoshino herself. Though Yoshino is aware of his intentions, she nonetheless took him under her wing and watches over him until the day comes when he defeats her.

He specializes in water ninjutsu, capable of performing numerous feats with them - water shurikens and the ability to dissipate into water to evade enemy attacks. He also carries a scroll on him which allows him to conjure numerous water sharks to rip apart his enemies.

Despite being a ninja, who are generally known for stealth and precision, Mizuna appears to be quite the opposite of that, preferring to get into fights.


Extra Ops

First appearing in "Shinobi Hunter", Mizuna gets into a fight with Tarma Roving for no apparent reason. Though Mizuna unleashes his water shurikens and sharks, Tarma is somehow able to dodge his attacks. MS-Heart and the Slug Puncher arrive to rescue Tarma, and Mizuna is eager to take on new opponents. As the fight continues, the critically damaged Slug Puncher goes into "Extermination" mode and Mizuna barely dodges its attack. Before they can resume their battle, Yoshino comes in and tells him that he looks as if he is about to give up and that his life is entrusted to her until he defeats her, ending the battle as MS-Heart decides to make a tactical retreat.

He's later paired with Sho to transport a Space Union and he picks the fastest route to their destination, even as Sho points out that the route is rumored to have bandits. This suspicion becomes true as four girls ambush them. Mizuna uses the Space Union's missiles much to Sho's shock, stating that they would be able to explain to her compared to having it captured or destroyed. They are able to escape when one of the girls causes a scene that the two are able to take advantage of, as Mizuna uses his water ninjutsu to create sharks to stall them.



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