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The Mobile Satellite (abbreviated as MOBS) is a rare weapon in Metal Slug 3 and Metal Slug XX.


The MOBS is small, hovering remote control device resembling a satellite, armed with a rapid-fire ion cannon. It tracks down any possible target using an advanced radar system and discharges ion bolts continuously on them until they're defeated. Once its battery runs dry (200 ion bolts and it runs down) or the player picks up a special weapon, the MOBS will fall and explode.

In Metal Slug XX, once the player obtains an S rank on all Combat School missions, a red MOBS will appear in the survival mission. This special MOBS has unlimited ammo and can travel between missions, but it'll self-destruct for the whole survival mission should another weapon be picked up. In normal gameplay, when a MOBS is picked up, the announcer from Metal Slug 3 will say its name despite Metal Slug XX having a new announcer.

In Metal Slug Defense and Metal Slug Attack, a MOBS can be selected before a mission. The MOBS in these games starts close to the players base, rises up to the air and shoots four ion bolts at a time to the nearest opposing unit. It is indestructible but will only follow the front-most unit (meaning it can retreat). The MOBS comes in limited supply; more can be gained by the games' Daily Login or by using medals (in singles or in bulk). A MOBS cannot be used in Online or in Battle/Team Battle Mode.

A MOBS is also an enemy unit in Metal Slug Attack's "United Front" Extra Ops, only in the "United Battle" mode. The enemy MOBS functions the same as the player's MOBS except that the former's ion bolts deal a great amount of damage, some being a One Hit KO to smaller units.


  • The announcer hilariously mispronounces "Mobile Satellite" as "Mow-bee-al Sat-tall-light".
  • There is a walker vehicle in Irem's Gun Force II (Geo Storm in Japan) that deploys a similar weapon.
  • Concept art for Metal Slug 2 presents a fairy-like robot girl with a satellite that detaches off her head. It is unknown if the girl worked in a similar way as the MOBS.
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