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Molly is a character introduced in Metal Slug Attack, debuting in the Extra Ops "United Front the 7th".

Character Summary

This brilliant pilot rides a Slug Defender she developed herself, and uses its iron shield and Lightning Punch in battle. She's also a researcher for the Regular Army's top secret Metal Device Project.

She's straightforward and stubborn, often butting heads with the more impressionable Amber. Apparently she joined to pursue Amber who came to the battlefield as a test pilot. She prefers living by herself because of her habits. She is rather obsessed with work and often worries frequently about newly developed enemy technology which can cause her to forget about taking care of herself.

Molly possesses two Slug Defenders; a blue one that specializes on melee combat, and a red one that specializes in ranged combat.


Extra Ops

First appearing in the Extra Ops "United Front the 7th", Molly is deployed in a United Front against the Amadeus Syndicate after Marco is unavailable after eating some supposedly new rations. Molly participates in the battle and also saves several soldiers from self-destructing Golden Morden Robots. When she returns to base, she finds Amber and boasts her achievements, though she becomes frustrated when Amber doesn't comment much about them.

Molly continues her research on the Metal Device Project. When MS-Alice goes missing, Marco tasks Amber with finding her. Amber finds MS-Alice continuing to fight the enemy attackers, and once all of them are driven off, Alice is taken away for repairs. Molly, hearing that Marco hired Amber again, is upset that they are overlooking her talents. This time, Amber properly responds and even promises to recommend her next time. Molly learns that Amber does not want to lose friends and is speechless as Amber walks off.

Molly soon hears about a quad-legged Ptolemaic machine capable of jumping great heights, which causes her considerable worry. Her roommate comes in and is disgusted with the status of the room, so he ends up leaving to request a new room. Molly, who had been worried about the machine for a prolonged period of time, realizes she hadn't eaten and falls unconscious in her messy room. When she gets to her senses, she finds Maggie in her room, surprised by her appearance as she is still a civilian. Maggie shows her the enlistment paper, which Molly confirms its authenticity. Maggie is excited to participate in battle so she could buy mushrooms, though Molly tells her not to compare the battle to shopping. After the operation, Molly learns that Amber had sent Maggie to take care of her. When Maggie starts feeding Amber a cookie, Molly goes off to the Try Line shop, unaware she was also carrying Amber's coins.

She later goes off to assist Amber before the latter leaves to take the Pile Impact alone. Molly helps Amber operate the new Slug but finds herself uncomfortable with the lower pilot's seat.


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