The Morden Robot is an enemy from Metal Slug 4, that was created by the Amadeus Syndicate, which only appears in the final mission and behaves like any other rebel soldier. After enough damage has been dealt to him, it will behave more like a zombie. If the player hits him again, the male death animation for zombies serves as his fate. He is still dangerous even he is defeated twice, as he can eject his head, which can explode and kill, as well as his body which will emit electricity that can electrocute the player.

In Metal Slug Defense, the Morden Robot is a solid unit with decent damage, HP, and production speed. Upon death, the Morden Robot reveals its true form, and will move like a zombie for several seconds before firing its head at any foe within normal-long range creating an explosion before the headless body detonates as well damaging any foes in range.


  • The Morden Robots may resemble Andrew Martin from the 1990s Film: Bicentennial Man.
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