The Morden's Saucer is a vehicle constructed by the Rebels for Donald Morden with extraterrestrial technology and extremely thick armor. Morden uses this as his personal transport. The upper alien saucer body resembles a Dai-Manji, although much smaller, and it is mounted on a tank chassis resembling that of Sarubia's.

It first appears in Metal Slug 2/X where it was quickly destroyed by the aliens and in Metal Slug 3, where it is depicted to be able to fly despite its poor condition with several Rebels in Mini-UFOs in tow..

In Metal Slug 6, if the player rides Slug Flyer instead of Rootmars, Morden and his saucer will come to save you after defeating the Invader Queen.

It also appears in Metal Slug Defense and Metal Slug Attack as Morden's vehicle, with his rocket launcher as his primary weapon and calling in his Hi-Do to drop bombs all around the screen as his special attack. However, the Morden Saucer is still vulnerable to knockback, and has the 2nd highest AP cost of all units in the game, with a whopping 950 AP cost (1500 in Metal Slug Attack). Attack also features two others versions, painted Red and Gold respectively, which have different Special Attacks.


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