The Motobike P.O.W is a support vehicle that first appeared in Metal Slug 4.


This motorcycle is the classic Rebel Infantry Bikers motorbike with a sidecar. Its plays the role of a road-pursuit vehicle in Mission 1 from Metal Slug 4 (later on the stage, Tarma joins shooting with a pistol from a RA-TTT). The motocyle is driven by a POW and the player's character takes place in the sidecar (as shown in the official art). While riding it, the player can move the motorcycle and jump with it, as well as shoot with the character's own weaponry and throw grenades. The motorcycle itself does not have any weapon, and it offers no protection from enemy fire. If the player dies while riding, the character will get back on another one.


The Motobike P.O.W is modeled after the R75, a World War II-era motorcycle and sidecar combination manufactured by BMW for the German Army.

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