The Mummies are recurring enemies in Metal Slug Series.


These are mummies of ancient Egyptians, and will attack anyone who disturbs their eternal slumber. These undead walk slowly across the area until they find a victim, upon which they project a purple gas from their lungs which mummify their victims. POW are not infected by any type of mummies' attacks. If you are transformed into a mummy, your movement is slowed, your firepower is brought down to a pistol with decreased fire rate, and there is a delay while throwing a grenade. "Mummification" can be cured if you find a magic vial which are dropped by enemies, prisoners and treasure chests in areas where mummies are present. Besides human mummies there are also mummy dogs, which can jump and have a longer attack range.

Mummy Types

Regular Mummy Will attempt to shuffle towards their enemy and then breathe purple gas onto him/her. Anyone from a regular army soldier to a civilian who comes into contact with the gas will become a victim to mummification. If a playable character comes into contact with the gas while in mummy form then he or she will die. The easiest type to beat as the player only need to duck and shoot.


Poison Bullet Mummy Very similar to the regular mummy, except for their whiter colour. Rather than exhaling mummy poison, they instead spit out a bomb that will roll across the floor towards their opponent. These bombs contain mummification gas akin to the regular mummy's breath.

Chariot Spitting Mummy

These mummies remain stationary at all times and can be usually found on hard-to-reach platforms. Their method of attack is to spit out Chariot that chase the player. These Chariot can be
Chariot Artwork

The spitted chariot

killed with any form of attack. This is the only type of mummy that does not induce mummification; the Chariot could kill player instantly. These are quite dangerous, and the Chariot can also come from below, which the player is defenseless against.

Mummy Roped
Hunged Mummy These mummies are just like the Regular except they are hunged on ceiling and cannot move. They tend to hang over pits, and are easy targets for grenades.on MSD/MSA, it spits Chariots

084 Fake Mummy

Fake Mummy These are just humans wearing amusement park mascot costumes, and as such they are completely harmless and don't really move anywhere. They only occur once in the series: the Haunted House mission. Before they are revealed to be fake they will appear to be doing a roar at the player, basically the same sprite mummies use to shoot purple gas, except when these type's eyes move creepily. Once they are revealed they will just sit in the same place scared.


  • Mummies were the first supernatural enemies to appear in the Metal Slug Series.
  • the Chariot that Mummy spit are based on Carnivorous Scarabs from The Mummy Trilogy
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