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Nantes is a new character introduced in Metal Slug Attack.

Character Summary

Nantes is a young private serving in the Rebel Army, and was quickly noticed by higher-ups as a prominent tank operator. She requested to join Allen's platoon, which was granted by Abigail. The reason why she moved there is due to her glorification of Allen, due to his title and ability to survive against certain death. She is rather optimistic and shows respect towards higher-ranked personnel.

In battle she rides a special screw-machine style tank that is an ingenious mix of offense and defense, utilizing smoke screens as cover. The missiles fired from her tank explode upon impact into fireballs much like those of the Jupiter King's. The tank also possesses a third hidden cannon which fires a larger and stronger missile, with its fireballs being capable of shattering into smaller ones.


Extra Ops

First debuting in "Mad Assault Crew", Nantes requests to be transferred to Allen Platoon. All new members are inspected Destrade and Huracan. Though Destrade is grateful for the extra manpower, they don't have time to properly train her and Huracan notes that she isn't physically strong. Nantes tells them that she specializes in operating heavy weaponry. Though Abigail believed that she would be more useful elsewhere, she decided not to turn down her request and told them to take care of her, as she and Allen are the only two members to properly pilot weapons.

Destrade decides to take Nantes with her for some battlefield training, and she eagerly runs alongside her, forgetting her tank in the process, so Abigail sends it over to her. As they fight the Invaders, Destrade orders her to fire her weapon at full power, and she does so. The resulting blast destroys the remaining Invaders, and Allen personally compliments her. Though Nantes apologizes, she secretly praises him for surviving her assault, and is later properly trained by Destrade.

She's later transferred for a temporary assignment with the Blaze Brigade as they arrive at a town being attacked by zombie soldiers. Nantes tries to call Allen Platoon for reinforcements, just as Loretta comes in and asks her what she is doing. Nantes states that she believed that they were in danger of being overrun and reinforcements would help, but Loretta refuses her request, believing that Blaze Brigade is more than capable of dealing with the situation. As they head into the caves where the first sighting of the zombies were found, a mysterious voice begins to overwhelm them with knowledge, which amplifies Nantes' desire to become strong like Allen. Loretta destroys the source of the influence, and as Nantes returns to normal, Loretta tells her that although she can make herself strong, she would not be as strong as Allen, much to Nantes' disappointment.



  • Like Abul Abbas, Rapid, Emma, Dion and Cline, Nantes doesn't die in battle - rather, her tank explodes and she is knocked off before crying, although like Rapid, she has unused death sprites.
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